High-growth SaaS company sees 10% increase in qualified lead conversion rates.

Member Clicks


Location: Atlanta, GA

Founded: 1998

Employees: 25 -100

Industry: Software

MemberClicks is an all-in-one membership solution software for small-staff organizations. They serve more than 1,400 organizations throughout North America and Europe. Their software is built to simplify the everyday technology needs of small staff associations from applications, dues renewal, event registration and more.


MemberClicks came to New Breed hoping to revitalize their website branding, position themselves as a modern software company, and increase their lead generation efforts with a Sales Ready Website. They felt they had outgrown their existing website and needed to revamp their image to match their positioning. Overall, the site needed a serious facelift and some basic retooling to be in alignment with how the organization was perceived in the marketplace.


Our partnership with MemberClicks began with our Digital Onboarding Workshop, where we worked closely with the MemberClicks team to define their buyer personas and determine website goals, strategy and planning prior to moving into the wireframe and design phase. During this, we also established the PubHub architecture, a blog redesign to turn their blog into a publication hub. This is a critical phase of any website redesign project to ensure that clear business goals are established in order to ensure that their buyer personas, and architecture and content of the new website are in alignment.

Next, we designed and developed a sales-ready website using HubSpot’s CMS. The site was designed to showcase their positioning in the marketplace as the premier small-staff organization provider, the success stories they’ve helped their customers achieve, and the rich feature set offered by their platform.

In addition, we redesigned their blog into a publication hub. The PubHub was designed to speak directly to each of their buyer personas with segmented blogs that are easy to navigate and interact with, and allow each persona a more personalized content experience.  

To supercharge their lead generation efforts, our development team built MemberClicks a price estimating calculator. On their previous site, MemberClicks found that their pricing model was not effectively being conveyed to visitors. Because of this, they were generating a great deal of unqualified leads that could not afford the platform. To remedy this, we developed an easy-to-use estimator that helped site visitors quickly identify how much it would cost their organization to work with MemberClicks.


Since launching their new sales-ready website, MemberClicks has seen a significant increase in their conversion rates. They are now converting leads 10% more than they were previously, resulting in more highly qualified opportunities for their sales team to follow up with. 

Their new website also integrates seamlessly with their inbound marketing program, helping their team more effective nurture prospects through the funnel.  

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