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Your Website Is Your Best Salesperson

Transform your website from a standard digital brochure into a powerful lead-generation machine. Attract the right visitors, generate better qualified leads and grow your business one conversion at a time.

Your Web Presence Reimagined

Our sales-ready websites transform your traditional web presence into a fully optimized lead generation and prospect conversion tool. With design and content that appeals directly to your personas and their desires, your website will be built for scale and easy to manage as your business grows.


Attract More Qualified Visitors

Optimized content brings the right prospects to you, so you don't invest resources in leads who won't convert.


Power Increased Conversions

Designed around your personas, your site will address their challenges directly and make it easy for them to move to the next buyer's journey stage.


Enable Sales + Marketing Teams

Armed with content designed for the buyer's journey, clarity on prospect behaviors and an easy-to-manage backend, both teams will be prepared to take action.

“Our marketing team is quite small, but working with New Breed it felt like we had an additional army of people behind the scenes, working tirelessly to ensure we met our aggressive timelines. The level of expertise we had standing behind us on the website project was astounding.”

Andree Beckham | Global VP of Marketing | Exigent Group Limited

The Sales-Ready Website Redesign Process


1. Persona Planning

A successful Sales-Ready Website must begin with a thorough planning stage to keep future phases alignment with a truly inbound, persona-based approach. The deliverables from this phase ensure we keep our target persona’s goals and pain points top of mind and serve up relevant offers throughout the website for maximum conversion and lead generation.


2. Information Architecture

Once all planning documents have been finalized, we will develop a sophisticated information architecture which creates the ideal user flow and digital buyer’s journey for each of the target personas. This allows us to create the optimal experience by considering all needed content and navigational elements for each visitor to ensure a customer focused website that actively helps them on their buyer’s journey and increases conversions.


3. Design Prototypes

Building off the collaboratively designed wireframes for the information architecture phases we will produce a series of high-fidelity mockups that incorporate full messaging and conversion points to fully illustrate how the live website will both look and work. The process starts with a collaborative design workshop and goes through three rounds of presentation to ensure everything spot on and accounted for. Each mockup we create is designed with UX in mind to best drive conversions, resulting in a website that is truly ‘sales ready’.


4. Content Development

With the copy and design prototypes fully established, we are ready to develop the remaining content — which is the core of any website. Neither the best strategy or the most incredible design can save a website with poorly written or confusing content. By having an approved visual and content style, New Breed can now maintain a consistent tone and style throughout, which elevates UX and furthers your brand’s value proposition. After all the heart of inbound marketing… is content.


5. Template Development

When the design phase is complete, we will code the fully-responsive, custom HubSpot page templates using standard coding practices to ensure clean, efficient, and compatible websites. Upon completion of the site templates, a senior engineer will perform a rigorous QA phase to ensure the pixel perfect rendering for all viewports and device type. This QA also covers the page editing side to ensure website management is an intuitive as possible. In addition all New Breed templates are built with HubSpot’s native visual Template Builder so that you can make variations of our templates without needing a developer.


6. Soft Launch Production

The soft launch production brings the finalized templates as well as all the other work done to this point to center stage. All content including imagery, videos, downloadables, etc are added to build out the entire site. A final round of page-level QA takes place and you can then review your new site in its entirety from the safety of a staging domain. This ensures all stakeholders have their chance to do a complete review and risk mitigation is fully in place.


7. Launch & Training

Leveraging the launch checklist New Breed will ensure a seamless launch to bring your new site live without stress. We will perform a post-launch QA including things such as redirects and SSL are working properly. This will help mitigate any temporary dip in search ranking and or lead velocity. Finally we’ll train your team to be fully empowered to manage your new online presence without the need for a technical resource.


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