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Conversion Optimization

Our conversion optimization program goes beyond increasing submission rates for your existing assets. It allows for the creation and measurement of future assets, too — all tracking toward your one big KPI.

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We leverage the principles of the scientific method (observe, hypothesize, experiment, measure) to enact changes that positively affect your top-level KPI and the leading indicators that contribute to it.

Conv Opt - Continously Improve

Continuously Improve

Your site should evolve with its successes and your company's growth. Conversion optimization powers that evolution with continual testing, learning and iteration.

Conv Opt - ROI

Demonstrate ROI

With a strict process in place for planning and testing, you can see every dollar's value and prioritize your program accordingly, focusing efforts where your users and your business will experience the greatest impact.

Conv Opt - Increase Conversions

Increase Conversions

Boost conversions through the roof by learning what works — and what doesn't.


KPI Definition

No matter what your "one big thing" is, New Breed’s conversion optimization program has a data-driven approach to define, design and measure around the designated metric.

Tracking Success

Focusing on a single overarching goal will help you optimize your current goals and guide your future efforts.

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Experimental Sprints

After defining the testing methodology and duration, we execute a sprint designed to reveal the value of a single site change, which could include anything from replacing a CTA to developing a new landing page.

Continuous Improvement

Conversion rate optimization isn't a one-time project. It's an ongoing process that should be constantly building upon itself. 

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Monthly Reports

We create a web-based reporting dashboard that tracks to your KPI and leading indicators and review the dashboard and recommendations in a monthly reporting meeting with your team.

Data-Informed Updates

Understand what's working and why and use that information to make strategic improvements.

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“The team at NewBreed is exceptional. They are always available for support, their project plans are thorough and well executed, and added bonus: they're a pleasure to work with.”

Lisa Henthorn | Marketing and Communications Manager | Blue SoftwareRead Full Story

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