January 10, 2018

19 Tips to Optimize Video for Different Social Media Channels

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By 2020, over 80% of all consumer internet traffic will be in video format. Social video marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage and connect with your target audience. Our friends at PureMotion have taken a look at some of the most vital social media video statistics to provide a comprehensive list of tips to help you get the most out of video on all your social channels.


More than 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook every day and video gets 135% more organic reach than photos posted on Facebook.

1. Add Captions

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, so it's vital that your message isn't missed. You could also feature a message within your video asking users to tap the video to hear the sound.

2. Upload Video Directly to Facebook

Native videos get 109% higher interaction rates and 477% higher share rates than YouTube videos uploaded to Facebook. So if you're looking to increase engagement on Facebook don't just link to YouTube videos — upload to Facebook itself.

3. Choose a Preferred Audience

Facebook allows you to target native video to the most relevant users and you'd be crazy to ignore this marketing feature. You can also restrict access to certain audience groups, so your video reaches only your specified audience and engagement rates aren't skewed by disinterested users.

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Videos are six times more likely to be retweeted than photos, so if your brand is active on Twitter, you can't afford to ignore video content.

1. Include Your Brand Logo

Purchase intent increases by 9% when you include your brand's logo in Twitter videos, so be sure to feature yours.

2. Go Live

Videos focused on a live event increase favorability of a brand by a whopping 63%, so tap into this by using live, real-time video with Periscope. You could showcase the launch of a new product or give insights into an event you're hosting; whatever even you're capturing, having a live video feed builds excitement and inspires engagement.

3. Choose Native Video

Rather than sharing video from other sites, upload directly to Twitter. Much like Facebook, Twitter's autoplay feature for native video has been proven to increase views and user engagement.



Since it's the most visual social media platform, your Instagram video marketing campaigns need to be aesthetically pleasing, while also remaining short and sweet. Instagram videos are limited to just 60 seconds, so focus on creating succinct, eye-catching and meaningful (yet focused) content.

1. Use Animation or Explainer Videos

Colorful, animated video is a great way to grab attention on Instagram (as are short, how-to videos), but with a limit of 60 seconds, you need to be creative with how you spend your time. If you don't have the capability to execute animation in-house, it's worth finding a video production company with the skill and experience to execute exciting concepts that further your brand's messaging and draw attention to your product.

2. Be Selective With Hashtags

Hashtags can help increase the exposure that your video receives, but overwhelming your audience with a wall of hashtags usually indicates a lack of direction and can distract from your intended message. Instead, pick three to five of the most relevant hashtags for each Instagram video you post.

3. Ask Users to Share Their Photos With you

Use your video as an opportunity to garner engagement by asking users to share posts using the hashtags you've created. If you shared a short recipe video, for example, it would make sense to ask viewers to share their variations of that recipe by using a hashtag that features your brand name.


The Internet's biggest video sharing platform shouldn't be ignored when creating a comprehensive social video marketing strategy. There are plenty of YouTube marketing tips to consider, but here are our top three:

1. Collaborate with YouTube Influencers

60% of YouTube subscribers follow buying advice from their favorite YouTube creators over the advice of movie stars or TV personalities. In short, if you have the budget to collaborate on videos with YouTube influencers that fit your brand identity, it could be a productive marketing strategy.

2. Crosslink Videos for Maximum Impact

Be sure to link to other relevant videos from your channel to increase the chances of viewers consuming more of your content. Creating a series of videos that focus on a particular topic and linking between videos is a great way to inspire greater engagement.

3. Focus on Tutorials and How-to Videos

100 million hours of how-to videos were watched on YouTube within a five-month span in 2015. Offering viewers valuable information on a subject that's within your company's wheelhouse can help foster trust and nurture engagement more effectively than pushing sales or brand-centric messages.


Because LinkedIn is a B2B-focused social platform, it's perfect for identifying and building relationships with potential customers. LinkedIn has only recently introduced native video for users, but that means it's the perfect time to beat your competitors to the punch by formulating a social video marketing strategy.

1. Share Your Expert Knowledge

LinkedIn is known as a site to connect with other professionals and share industry knowledge, so keep consistent with this theme in your videos. You could create FAQs video related to your products or services, for example, or showcase product demos and how-to videos.

2. Don't be too Pushy on Sales

This tip should really be applied to every social media platform, but with LinkedIn, it's particularly important because you need to attract viewers with valuable information, rather than bombard them with sales messages. Focus on providing insight, then mention additional products or services which could add value to your message when the timing and context are appropriate.

3. Cater to Short Attention Spans

LinkedIn videos can be up to 10 minutes long but start with videos shorter than 2 minutes since this is the length that garners the most user engagement. LinkedIn users are busy professionals, so they're not likely to engage with longer content unless you've built demand for it.

Best Practices for all Platforms

Finally, let's finish with some best practices that you can apply to video on every social media platform.

1. Think Inside the box

Literally, keep it square. Square video outperforms landscape in both views and engagement across all social media platforms, so bear this in mind when filming and editing your video.

2. Grab Attention Within the First Three Seconds

Most social platforms autoplay video, so if you can capture the interest of users in the first three-seconds, your video is more likely to be watched in its entirety. That means avoiding lengthy stills featuring the video title or your brand name at the outset. Instead, get straight into the action (and straight to the point).

3. Tailor your Video Titles and Descriptions for Each Platform.

No two social media sites are quite the same, so don't treat your copy as such. Think about the tone and function of a platform and try to keep your messaging consistent with that aesthetic. Social media platforms vary in their level of formality, post length, audience age, demographics, type of user engagement and much more — bear all these factors in mind and create smart copy that resonates with the standards of the platform it will be hosted on (without straying from your brand identity).

4. Add a Call to Action

Make the most of your video views by adding a call to action. This could be within the video itself or in the post content. Make it relevant to the video content and try to demonstrate what value the viewer gets from fulfilling the action.

Interested in learning more useful tips and tricks for building your video marketing strategy? Look inside our Video Strategy Workbook below.

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