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New Breed knows how to speak to healthcare professionals.

We have experience driving marketing and sales initiatives in the healthcare industry and understand the unique obstacles and priorities therein. Companies in the healthcare industry must effectively maintain a commitment to a patient-first model of care while considering the nuances of insurance, international expansion, new technology integration and more. Additionally, they must do it all while pursuing new channels for revenue growth to ensure the long-term viability of their business.

Healthcare professionals are seeking ways to:


Maintain application availability and system integrity


Manage a diverse team and organize day-to-day operations


Improve patient outcomes

“We were looking for a framework that would allow us to stay flexible and continue to expand in the future, as well as something that was easy to update. New Breed provided that, along with a bold, clean interface that spoke to our industry and more than met our expectations. ”

Lindsay Flemming | VP of Marketing | TeraReconRead Full Story


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The cycle of inbound success begins with demand generation — that spark of initial interest in your products or services which turns prospects into marketing qualified leads. MQLs don't come from just anywhere. They come from careful planning and execution of traditional inbound tactics, such as blogging, SEO and email nurturing. New Breed's strategy develops and then leverages the strengthened relationships between both your marketing and sales teams and your CRM and marketing automation platform to deliver more MQLs than ever before. Learn More

The next step in the process funnel moves those quality leads to your sales team. Our sales conversion effort focuses on giving your team the tools it needs to close deals, from a sales-ready website to coaching sessions. Every piece of the conversion framework — be it a lead nurturing program or platform cleanup — is key to positioning your team for success.Learn More

Demand gen and conversion just barely brush the surface of what's possible through inbound. Customer success, which fuels evangelism (and thereby, demand), is your ultimate aim. Yes, customer acquisition still matters. But so does loyalty. Through strategic support methods and continued outreach, you can heighten engagement and reduce churn, creating a reputational masterpiece.Learn More

Your marketing and sales investment has one purpose: bringing in that next customer and keeping them. In other words, you need ROI. The first step involves collecting data at every stage of the funnel, so you can always see exactly how your inbound program is generating results. But collecting data is not enough. We want to use that information to discover actionable insights and make data-driven decisions that move your business forward. Our team of strategists analyzes and optimizes every step of the way, dialing in for max ROI through lowered acquisition cost and smarter platform use.Learn More

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