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Revenue Operations

Streamline marketing and sales operations to unite your teams. Get the support you need to develop both business and technical processes — plus an on-call consultant who knows your sales process in and out.

Achieve Real Alignment: People, Process, Platforms

A properly configured Salesforce alongside well-established service level agreements can give you and your team the insight you need to nurture leads, close deals and delight customers.

Rev Ops - Clean Platforms

Work in Clean, Functional Platforms

Instances. Portals. They can get messy. Our consultants clean up — with a close eye on how your platforms align to process.

Rev Ops - Data

Create the Backbone for Accurate, Complete Data

Understand what information is necessary for marketing and sales alignment and help your team members understand, too.

Rev Ops - Marketing Automation

Make Automation Work for You

Skip the nonsense of endless configurations and changes. Get a process that works right from the start.


Align People, Process, Platforms

We work to gain a full understanding of your team's current processes before we develop the alignment plan.

Consolidate Platforms

In an effort to reduce costs and gain efficiency, make the strategic decision to consolidate platforms so your marketers, marketing operations and sales teams can leverage a single, trusted platform.

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Reports for Additional Visibility

You need to know what's happening in your platforms. We create reports that bring the important details to the front.

Demonstrate Value

Leverage data for your marketing campaigns with tools such as channel and tactic attribution, qualified lead velocity rate and marketing bookings.

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On-call Support and Dev Relationships

We offer on-call support for critical issues and have the technological expertise and experience to achieve your revenue operations goals.

Marketing Operations

Don't neglect your marketing operations. Keeping marketing operation functions up to date keeps end customers happy through streamlined processes and increased visibility. 

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“New Breed’s biggest selling point is that they care about my growth just as much as their own growth and they know by being a trusted partner to me, it will help ignite their own business.”

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