Revenue Intelligence

Which customers do you acquire at the lowest cost, retain for the longest period of time and generate the most expansion revenue with? Without data to answer these questions, your long-term revenue strategy and growth plan are a shot in the dark.

Are you ready to acquire, retain and expand your best customers?

It's time to gather, enrich and analyze the customer information you need to make data-driven decisions that improve business outcomes.


Acquire Smarter

Decrease customer acquisition costs and increase win rates by focusing your marketing and sales efforts on your ideal customer profiles.


Retain Better

Create predictable revenue and decrease customer churn by identifying strengths and weaknesses across product, pricing and customer success.

MA- Improve Returns

Expand Faster

Reduce payback period and improve lifetime value by increasing revenue from existing customers through upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

We Focus on Delivering a Low-Touch, High Value Experience

IR-Foundational Implementation

1. Gather and Discover

Back-end engineers extract and load data from source systems including customer relationship management, ticket management, subscription management and product usage platforms into a staging environment. Proprietary tooling is then applied to identify key components from raw datasets.

IR-Marketing and Sales Align

2. Cleanse and Transform

Unstructured component data is organized and classified individually to reduce data redundancy and improve data integrity. This process lays the foundation to unify data from disparate systems and produces single sources of truth for key data like MRR & segment.

CRM-Analyze Current Business Process

3. Merge and Enrich

Once data has been properly organized and transforming, it's fully enriched to fill any missing data-points and merged into a single, usable dataset to make it possible to identify patterns, capitalize on strengths and improve weaknesses in your customer base.

GAW-Workshop Prep

4. Analyze and Synthesize

Your fully enriched and completed customer data is then analyzed by our team of operations analysts and revenue strategists to synthesize and deliver actionable insights to improve business outcomes across acquisition, retention and expansion.

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