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The Next Generation Blog is Here

The New Breed PubHub transforms the standard business blog into a content hub designed to attract, educate and convert your ideal customers.

Give Your Readers What They Want

Help each of your personas easily progress to the next stage of their experience.


Address the Important Challenges

With a blog interface customized for their challenges, you can give your personas the helpful content they need, right up front.


Keep Traffic Where it Belongs

Organic traffic matters to your bottom line. A PubHub allows you to host multiple blogs all-in-one, keeping visitors engaged right where they are.


Get Improved SEO Recommendations

PubHub's built-in SEO view gives your team real-time recommendations for advanced optimization.

PubHub: Content Marketing Done Better

The New Breed PubHub streamlines your content marketing by leveraging advanced categorization that segments your content into different sections — effectively creating multiple blogs all on one platform. This customized structure enables more effective marketing to all of your personas by serving up relevant content that your ideal customers want to engage with. Learn More

No plugins, no problem. Optimize your content for search engines with the PubHub's built in SEO View. Using your keyword strategy as your foundation, the PubHub platform gives your team real-time recommendations and a complete checklist to follow to ensure your content is found in search.Learn More

The goal of the PubHub is to align each piece of content with your ideal customers and help them progress to the next stage in the buyer's experience. With our persona-driven architecture, the PubHub ensures that your visitors engage with content that takes them from a first-time visitor to a qualified lead.Learn More

“New Breed was the only agency that could understand what we wanted to build and they exceeded our expectations. They gave us not just a new website but a marketing online presence that is working much better than before.”

Ken Savage | Digital Marketing Lead | Pwnie ExpressRead Full Story

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