Seamless Marketing Automation Migration

Are you looking to move your marketing automation platform to HubSpot? Are you consolidating several HubSpot platforms into one seamless marketing hub? Our team of experts can help.

Marketing Automation Should Serve You. Not the Other Way Around.

Not every marketing automation platform is designed for every marketing program. But when you decide your program demands something new, you don't want to lose your data, contacts or traction. Our migration solution is your best bet.


Do Inbound Better

Move to a platform that backs every inbound initiative via integration.


Stop Wasting Time

Changing platforms is a huge time suck. Unless you have a partner that knows the ins and outs.


Improve Your Returns

An automation platform is a big purchase — one you should be getting the most out of.

“The team at New Breed created a full brand refresh giving Revulytics a global visual presence and designed our new website to optimize customer engagement and inbound readiness. Every detail of the visual identity and website design mapped back to our goals and brand personality.”

Martha Stuart | VP of Marketing | RevulyticsRead Full Story

The Marketing Automation Migration Process


1. Workshop

We work with you to ensure the successful migration of your key business processes and data. Our team will also lead you through the vital elements of an inbound marketing campaign to set you up for a strong start on HubSpot.


2. Asset Audit

New Breed will analyze your current marketing assets to identify areas of improvement and establish future goals before migrating to your new marketing automation platform. During this audit, we'll also put a plan in place to assist you in achieving those goals by allowing you to better execute on your marketing initiatives. By learning the ins and outs of your process, we can better support success in your new platform.


3. Process Requirements and Documentation

We will lay the foundation for transferring your process documentation and records from your current marketing automation into HubSpot. Most of your information will transfer easily, but any specific reports and metrics you want maintained will require a manual transfer plan. Before making any transfers, we work with you to ensure it will be effective and accurate.


4. Legacy Portal Migration

Now, comes the part you've been waiting for: migrating your marketing automation from the old platform and into your new HubSpot portal. It's crucial that your contacts are not lost during a migration, but our process is carefully planned and documented to protect your information.


5. Go Live and Training

At this point, you've successfully migrated into your HubSpot portal and are able to activate it for your teams. During this period, New Breed will continue providing support and training so we can empower your team members in their new platform.


6. Ongoing Adoption Support

Finally, we want to set you up for long-term success and platform adoption. If you opt to purchase our Marketing and Sales Operations Premier Services, our team will provide continued support in your operational tasks. While this is an additional service, we highly recommend your company take it into consideration. With the purchase of Marketing and Sales Operations Premier Services, we will continue to manage the relationship between HubSpot and your other platforms to make sure your data is accurate, teams are aligned and automation is working for your company. We don't want to migrate your platform and leave you to flounder, but work to ensure seamless operation of your people, process and platform.

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