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    It's time for sales to go inbound.


    Empower your sales team with an inbound strategy and give them the tools they need to turn more of your qualified leads into happy customers.

    The inbound experience doesn't end with your marketing team. In today's age of buying, the sales experience must also be remarkable to grow your business.
    Don't be that stereotypical salesperson who says anything to close the deal. We will help you educate, empower and ultimately build trust with your leads, resulting in more wins.
    By leveraging the right content, with the right leads, at the right time, your team can maximize their impact and take your leads from awareness to evaluation to purchase.


    Sidekick gives your sales team the power to interpret each prospect's digital body language for more informed and meaningful conversations. They'll be able to see how their prospects have engaged with your company's content during the buying experience so they know exactly what to deliver to get them to the next stage of the buying process. With Sidekick, your sales team will:

    • Receive real-time notifications of when, where and how prospects are engaging with your website and email
    • See company size, industry, key employees and more when they visit a prospect's website
    • Create custom email templates that sync with your CRM and make follow-up a breeze

    Sales Presentations

    An effective sales pitch can guide your conversation and build trust with your prospect, helping to advance the sale. With the customized pitch decks in our Sales Enablement toolkit, your sales team will have everything they need to walk your prospects through the selling points of your products and services, which can ultimately transform the way you sell and help you win more business.

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    Case Studies

    One of the keys to building trust with your prospects is to prove what you're saying is true. Case studies showcase your customers' wins, but also highlight how businesses like theirs have seen success with your company. When your prospects can envision what it's like to partner with you, they'll have a better idea of how you can take their business to the next level.

    It's time for your sales to go inbound.

    Learn the basics of inbound sales and see how transforming your sales team will fuel your company growth.


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    It was incredibly refreshing to work with an agency that focused on our needs as a business first and had a thorough understanding of inbound marketing.

    Erin Wasson - VP of Marketing, UrbanBound

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