Configure Your Marketing and Sales Hand-Off for Success

Database intricacies and complicated processes mean the operational elements of your marketing and sales initiatives are make or break. We always aim for make.

Inbound Readiness Program

Our platform experts collaborate with your marketing and sales teams to create and implement lead qualification and handoff processes that are built to scale as your database grows.


Align Your Teams

Sales needs things from marketing. Marketing needs things from sales. Inbound Readiness brings them together with established processes and simplified handoffs.


Document Your Processes

With careful, clear documentation of your marketing and sales processes, your teams will be equipped for scalable growth.


Align Your Platforms

Drive toward a full-funnel reporting structure so you can both execute on tactics and understand the results.

“New Breed’s biggest selling point is that they care about my growth just as much as their own growth and they know by being a trusted partner to me, it will help ignite their own business.”

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The Inbound Readiness Process


1. Workshop

After review of your Growth Acceleration Workshop and supporting assets, New Breed will dig deeper into your existing marketing funnel activities — including lead collection and qualification, marketing automation processes, reporting and marketing-to-sales handoffs. Conversations around these items give our team greater context, so we can align our implementation process with your unique business processes. During the workshop, we'll also assist you in uploading your buyer personas (created during the Growth Acceleration Workshop) into HubSpot. This is a critical component of Inbound Readiness because it will allow your company to segment leads and differentiate marketing strategies by your personas quickly and easily.


2. Documentation

Based on the information gathered during the workshop, we will create documentation around your implementation plan. This documentation will be shared and collaboratively built to ensure the final implementation is focused on an ideal process that will drive maximum value for your team. Our team will work with you to develop lead lifecycle stages and qualification criteria to determine how leads will move through your marketing funnel and when they get handed off to your sales team. In addition, New Breed will set up the infrastructure necessary within HubSpot's Marketing Hub and elements of the CRM to ensure process automation and full-funnel reporting including: lifecycle stages, master form strategy, lead scoring, Salesforce CRM integration (if applicable) and an inbound process flow diagram.


3. Foundational Implementation

Once the implementation plan is approved, New Breed will begin its execution. All implementation deliverables will now be completed. At the end of this process, your HubSpot portal will be configured to support your marketing efforts and enable you to grow better.


4. Marketing and Sales Alignment

Finally, we don't want to set your platform up for success without setting your people up for it too. New Breed will work with your marketing and sales team to educate them on their new buyer personas and documented processes and show them how both will improve results. This stage includes trainings on: the current implementation of HubSpot, digital body language, sales enablement and a demonstration of the prospects tool in HubSpot. All of this sets you up for operational success and creates a platform that can accurately track your marketing and sales efforts. By leveraging this improved data, your company can identify areas for improvement and determine strategies to overcome these weaknesses.

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