Growth Acceleration Workshop: Begin at the Beginning

What makes your prospects tick? Are your revenue goals aligned with your customer lifecycle realities? Our onboarding workshop sets the stage for us to develop a strategy rooted in industry insights, experience and a deep knowledge of your customers — the fastest and most reliable way to achieve your goals.

Discover Your Inbound Growth Strategy

You're being held to higher standards than ever. That's why a clear strategy and reporting plan is increasingly important.


Hit Your Revenue Goals

A visitor-to-customer funnel makes it easy to visualize your marketing team's short- and long-term goals and the tactics needed to achieve them.


Scale Your Messaging and Targeting

Clearly defined buyer personas help align your sales and marketing teams around their ideal targets.


Get Organizational Consensus

Our workshop brings together your key stakeholders to develop strategy in tandem, which leaves you with full team buy-in.

“I can't say enough about the New Breed team supporting our Growth Acceleration Workshop. What was most impressive was the effectiveness of processing and synthesizing the information we shared prior to the workshop. Their preparedness and willingness to add validating perspectives to our persona work made them more accurate and valuable for us. I can't recommend them enough.”

Steve Voith | Demand Generation Manager | Litera

The Growth Acceleration Workshop Process


1. Intake Kickoff

Once our team receives confirmation about your participation in the Growth Acceleration Workshop, we will send you an intake form to complete prior to kickoff. This intake captures the institutional knowledge of you team in order to give New Breed greater insight into your vision and how we can assist in attaining that vision. We'll also send you a list of tasks to be completed during the workshop, so you can come prepared.


2. Assign Team

Depending on your level of engagement with New Breed, you will have a team ranging from three to seven people and a designated contact for each of your services. In addition, an engagement manager and client success manager will act as additional resources to your team and will help ensure your account team's performance is aligned with your project expectations.


3. Internal Kickoff

Up until this point, you worked with New Breed's sales team, but moving forward, you will be working with New Breed's client services team. Therefore, your Inbound Advisor will meet with your assigned client services team to transfer all of the knowledge they need to produce the desired results of your project.


4. External Kickoff

After your client services team is ramped up and ready to drive growth for your business, they will meet with your project team to kickoff the workshop. During this kickoff, your client service team members will introduce themselves and explain their role and responsibilities in the workshop.


5. Workshop Preparation

With handoffs complete and introductions made, we will begin our preparations for your Growth Acceleration Workshop. Your client services team will review your current sales process, buyer personas, messaging and HubSpot portal (if applicable). They'll also perform additional research on your industry and business to get fully up to speed.


6. Workshop

Once the preparation is complete, we conduct the actual workshop itself. The workshop is a half-day, collaborative working session fueled by the tasks we outlined during the intake process. We then go through the following agenda: quick team and company introductions, discussion of client's goals, plans and challenges, review of the inbound methodology and development of client buyer personas.


7. Delivery and Feedback

After the workshop, our team distills all of the information gained and creates a full report (that includes your new buyer personas if applicable). In a week, they research any remaining questions or concepts, gather content from previous conversations and resources and build context around each persona to design conversion maps. We deliver the initial report and then go through two rounds of feedback from your internal stakeholders during a two-week timeline.


8. Final Delivery of Report

After all feedback has been provided and implemented, New Breed creates a finalized report and delivers it to your team in order to ensure we've accounted for everything discussed. The buyer personas developed during the Growth Acceleration Workshop set the stage for all the services involved in your partnership with New Breed.

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