Customer Engagement Playbooks

The process behind customer engagement is broken. Sorting through accounts, reviewing CRM records, checking product usage, evaluating ticket history and assessing billing health is tedious and time-consuming. Worst of all, it still leads to uncertain outcomes. What if instead, every customer interaction happened at the right time and produced the best possible result?

Take meaningful action in minutes, not hours with the power of a single click.

Our team of revenue strategists and customer success experts deliver tailored recommendations and playbooks for outreach that can be approved and completed with a single click. Powered by our revenue intelligence platform, we analyze and synthesize your own customer data to provide recommendations that produce predictable outcomes. This leads to meaningful customer engagements that align with your business goals.


Fewer Logins

Recommendations are delivered straight to your team's inbox. Meaning they can spend less time doing tedious research in various platforms and more time engaging with your customers and developing deeper relationships.


Less Complexity

We take the burden off of decision making by delivering fully loaded recommendations packed with data-driven insights, intended outcomes and tailored outreach, and with our single-click approvals, your team can execute actions in real-time.

MA- Improve Returns

Better Outcomes

With customer engagement playbooks, your entire team will be taking action based on recommendations that align with company and customer objectives. That means reliable outcomes for your customer and better results for your business.

We Focus on Delivering a Low-Touch, High Value Experience

IR-Foundational Implementation

1. Gather and Discover

Back-end engineers extract and load data from source systems including customer relationship management, ticket management, subscription management and product usage platforms into a staging environment. Proprietary tooling is then applied to identify key components from raw datasets.

IR-Marketing and Sales Align

2. Cleanse and Transform

Unstructured component data is organized and classified individually to reduce data redundancy and improve data integrity. This process lays the foundation to unify data from disparate systems and produces single sources of truth for key data like MRR & segment.

CRM-Analyze Current Business Process

3. Merge and Enrich

Once data has been properly organized and transforming, it's fully enriched to fill any missing data-points and merged into a single, usable dataset to make it possible to identify patterns, capitalize on strengths and improve weaknesses in your customer base.

GAW-Workshop Prep

4. Analyze and Synthesize

Your fully enriched and completed customer data is analyzed by our team of operations analysts and revenue strategists and delivered straight to your customer-facing teams so they can execute your playbooks efficiently.

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