Looking to migrate over to the HubSpot Sales Enterprise CRM? Our team of experts can make that happen.

CRMs Should Be Driving Profitability, Not Creating Roadblocks.



When you adopted your current CRM, you probably planned on sticking with it for the long haul, especially since the cost, set-up and time invested was so high. So what do you do if your CRM is causing more headaches than solutions? How do you know when it’s time to switch? Here are some tell-tale signs that you’re in need of a change.NB-office-pic

  • Data Roadblocks
  • Inconsistent Product Development
  • Unhappy End Users
  • Convoluted Interface & Features
  • Poor IT Support

It may seem like a challenge to switch, but the cost of staying with a CRM that’s not meeting your business needs could be financially devastating. Think about it this way: if your CRM is not increasing sales, decreasing costs and driving up your profitability, you’ll only continue wasting your time and money.

Switching to the HubSpot CRM is Easy with New Breed

New Breed is honored to be a HubSpot Sales Enterprise strategic partner. This means we’re qualified by HubSpot to handle migrations to the HubSpot Sales Enterprise CRM. Our Marketing & Sales Operations team is experienced in migrations and are able to take the pains of switching platforms out of the equation.

New Breed provides an extensive migration and onboarding experience including…

  • Importing All Records, Deals, Companies and Contacts
  • Setting User Roles Including Permissions, Views and Layouts
  • Creating Lead Segmentation Custom Properties
  • Creating Email Templates, Sequences, Sales Documents and Playbooks
  • Creating Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Integrating HubSpot Connect
  • Email, Phone, Slack and Calendar Integrations
  • Pipeline Management and Configuring Stages
  • Post Implementation Set Up Calls
  • Bot Creation
  • Contact Management
  • Live Chat Set Up
  • Slack Integration
  • Product Library Set Up
  • Enabling HubSpot Videos
  • Setting Up Workflows, Webhooks and Custom Notifications

CRM migrations don’t have to be difficult. We’re committed to providing seamless transitions that assist you in increasing sales, decreasing costs and driving profitability.

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“The team at New Breed created a full brand refresh giving Revulytics a global visual presence and designed our new website to optimize customer engagement and inbound readiness. Every detail of the visual identity and website design mapped back to our goals and brand personality.”

Martha Stuart | VP of Marketing | RevulyticsRead Full Story

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