Seamless CRM and Sales Enterprise Migration

Looking to migrate over to HubSpot's Sales Hub? We can help make that happen. HubSpot's new Sales Hub offers multiple sales plans with varying features depending on your company's specific sales goals. HubSpot's starter plan enables smaller or beginner sales teams to increase productivity, shorten deal cycles, and improve close rates. For more advanced sales teams, HubSpot offers a professional sales package that includes artificial intelligence, advanced automation, and custom reporting. HubSpot's enterprise sales plan, designed for the more sophisticated sales team, offers a robust set of features, but without any of the added complexity.

Grow Your Company with the New HubSpot Sales Hub

New Breed is honored to be chosen by HubSpot as a strategic launch partner of their new Sales Hub Enterprise product. As a strategic launch partner, we're one of only 11 agencies that HubSpot trusts to onboard enterprise-level companies onto their new HubSpot Sales Enterprise. Our team is well-versed in platform migrations and can help reduce the headache and stress of switching to a new CRM. We're committed to providing seamless transitions that assist you in increasing sales and decreasing costs to drive profitability.


One Time, Thorough Setup

With a concise set up, your marketing and sales platforms will be automatically integrated to help you capture more data in less time.


Increased Productivity

The HubSpot Sales Hub is always working in the background, so your sales reps no longer need to waste time manually adding new leads, logging emails and call notes. Instead, they can get back to closing deals.


Built for the Rep

Transform your sales team into an inbound sales team by empowering your representatives with prospects' behavioral data in a platform that is easy to manage, update and optimize.

“We have had the pleasure of working with New Breed for the last several months and the whole team is smart, hardworking and on it. Wyatt has lead the behind the scene work of CRM migration and setting us up on Hubspot. He is the definition of patient, thoughtful, diligent and kind. He has gone above and beyond to make sure we are well set up and know what we are doing.”

Ashley Welch | Co-Founder | Somersault Innovation

The HubSpot Sales Hub Implementation Process


1. Analyze Your Current CRM Business Process

Before jumping into the migration, we'll want to review your current business processes. This includes a review of your opportunity management, sales qualification, lead handoff and gaining an understanding of how to prepare your teams for success. With greater insight into these items, we can structure these processes efficiently and effectively for your business in HubSpot's Sales Hub and CRM.


2. Asset Audit

New Breed will analyze your current sales assets to identify areas of improvement that can be overcome during the migration to your new CRM platform. This audit will help us determine the best approach to our migration, so we can ensure all of your information transfers accurately and your HubSpot Sales Hub and CRM are just as productive as your current platform.


3. Preparing for Data Migration

To prepare for data migration, New Breed will begin by cleaning the data housed in your legacy CRM platform. When migrating to HubSpot, its platform will automatically clean parts of your data (such as removing duplicate contents by email address and domain name), but other parts of your data will have to be cleaned manually before the switch (such as your deals and tasks). Our team will also help you define and create any needed custom properties, which will also ensure a seamless migration to HubSpot. We will then collaborate with your team to figure out what needs to be set up or synced over to your new HubSpot Sales Hub. After establishing a course of action, New Breed will determine the most efficient way to set up processes before reviewing it with your sales team.


4. Migrating Data to HubSpot Sales Hub

The time has come to migrate your data into your new HubSpot Sales Hub and CRM. We offer several migration options and will work with you to decide which ones is best for you based on your specific organization. The best option will be dependent on the type of data you'll be transferring and your available internal resources.


5. Structuring Your Data in HubSpot Sales Hub

With your data housed in your HubSpot CRM, you'll need to structure it in a way that promotes efficiency and ease of use for your sales team. You can structure your data across four categories: contacts, companies, deals and tasks. While structuring your data sounds like a simple task, each of the objects are interconnected to the others, so we must create a strategy that accurately links all of the data while separating it, which will allow you to efficiently leverage your data.


6. Setting Up New Processes

We can now take all of the information we reviewed in the first step of this process to create your necessary business process in the HubSpot Sales Hub and CRM. Our goal is to migrate, structure and set up your new CRM as seamlessly as possible so your sales team can get back to closing deals without a break in productivity or tracking. Whether your sales team selects the starter, professional, or enterprise sales package, New Breed is adept at configuring new processes for all features of the HubSpot Sales Hub.

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