Download: Free Trial Conversion Rate & Cohort Analysis Template

A free trial is a key component of many software-as-a-service customer-acquisition strategies, and large amounts of marketing budgets are focused on driving leads into a free trial.

Free Trial Conversion Rate & Cohort Analysis Template

Using this template, you can easily determine:

free trial cohort analysis template
  • Free-trial-to-paid conversion rate by persona

  • MRR generated by free trial by persona

  • Customer churn by persona

  • MRR churn by persona

  • Cumulative revenue in lifetime month vs. CAC by persona

To make the most informed decisions possible, you must be able to look further down the funnel and see the impact that your free-trial marketing efforts have over the entire lifetime of the customer using a cohort analysis.

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(Special thanks to Christoph Janz for allowing us to adapt his cohort analysis template to fit this buyer persona model).

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