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Revenue Operations Checklist

Revenue Operations (RevOps) is one of the most overlooked, yet critical functions of any organization. It's the convergence of marketing, sales and service operations to drive accountability, efficiency and adoption across platforms.

Our Revenue Operations Checklist will ensure that your operations never get put on the back burner, and it all starts with the alignment of your people, processes and platforms.

SRW- Persona Planning


Ensure everyone at your company is working toward the same goals in the most efficient way possible.

CRM-Setting Up New Processes


With careful, clear documentation and ownership of your marketing and sales processes, your teams will be equipped for scalable growth.

MA - Ongoing Support


In an effort to reduce costs and gain efficiency, consolidate platforms so your marketing, sales and customer success teams can leverage a single, trusted platform for all data.

Revenue Operations Checklist 


1. Database Segmentation

In today’s marketing landscape, it’s critical to personalize and contextualize the way you engage with your prospects and customers. Segmentation allows you to group contacts based on similar demographics, challenges and interests.

GAW-Intake Kickoff

2. Marketing-to-Sales Handoff

There are a lot of moving parts when a lead transitions from marketing to sales. Lead routing, digital body language, notifications, tasks and workflows all need to operate correctly to ensure that leads don’t slip through the cracks.

GAW-Delivery and Feedback

3. Lead Scoring

This methodology is used to rank prospects against a set of criteria that represents their perceived value to and level of interest in your organization. It’s an essential component to prioritize lead outreach and quantify their level of engagement.


4. Reporting and Attribution

One of the most critical and challenging tasks for any company is accurately reporting on metrics that matter to the company’s bottom line. Operations can help pull data together, create reports and provide unbiased analysis in this area.

IR-Marketing and Sales Align

5. Lifecycle Stage Definitions

Effective implementation of lifecycle stages allows you to accurately measure prospects progression through the buyer’s journey by analyzing the funnel. This practice provides insights that can improve the marketing and sales process.

MA - Ongoing Support

6. Software Management

Identifying, evaluating and integrating marketing and sales software to improve cross-functional efficiency and output while driving organizational change is complicated, to say the least. The best operations teams make this look easy.

GAW - Get Org Consensus

7. Data Enrichment

This is the process of enhancing, refining or otherwise improving raw data. Incorrect or poor quality input will always produce a faulty output, making data enrichment a fundamental layer that ensures every operational component works correctly.

GAW- Scale Messaging

8. Process Documentation

Whether your marketing and sales operations are simple or sophisticated, they can easily fail without proper documentation. Effective documentation provides a reference point for everyone at the company to understand how the system is intended to work.

GAW- Revenue

9. Pipeline Management

Any sales exec will tell you that pipeline management can be difficult. Operations can help by reporting the pipeline in various deal stages across multiple lines of business while accounting for variations in the sales process for new business, renewals and upsells.

CRM- Structuring Data

10. Form Strategy

Marketing and sales rely on certain information from prospects to engage with them in the most valuable way possible. Revenue operations facilitate this process through a form strategy that includes queued questions and progressive profiling

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