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    Social Inbox. Unrivaled Social Insight.

    Take your social media to the next level with Social Inbox. The best tool for increasing your visibility, maximizing your reach, and fostering stronger engagement with your prospects and customers.

    Proving the ROI on your social media efforts is no longer a painful task - it's simplified with Social Inbox through clear reporting and actionable metrics.
    Social media takes a lot of time, but with Social Inbox you can manage all your content in one platform, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.
    Fully integrated into the HubSpot platform, Social Inbox is connected with your entire content library, enabling you to more effectively increase your reach and generate more leads.

    Engagement with a Purpose

    Posting on social media can only take you so far; without actively engaging with your contacts, your content will go nowhere. Social Inbox takes engagement to the next level by connecting with your contact database, showing you which leads and customers are interacting with your content on social. With the ability to respond directly inside the tool, you'll never miss an opportunity to generate a new lead or delight a current customer.


    Customized Monitoring for Higher Conversions

    Social Inbox is the only tool that enables you to actively monitor multiple conversations at once. Want to know when someone mentions your company name? How about your competition? Or maybe the product you sell? Create custom streams within Social Inbox and choose to have them delivered to your inbox on a daily basis. You'll have a real-time view of what is important to your business so you can more effectively engage in these conversations and position your organization as a thought leader.


    Publishing for Maximum Exposure

    In order for your social messages to reach the largest audience, it is essential to be strategic with your posts. Social Inbox takes the guesswork out of publishing, enabling you to share your content across multiple channels, schedule your posts in advanced and easily attach the content you have developed to maximize your exposure with every message.

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