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    The HubSpot CRM: a New Way to Manage Sales.

    A HubSpot CRM integration will allow you to effectively manage your opportunities and pipeline while saving valuable time and increasing the productivity of your sales team.

    With a simple set up and no IT skills required, your marketing and sales platforms will be automatically integrated, helping you capture more data in less time.
    The HubSpot CRM is always working in the background so your sales reps no longer need to waste time manually adding new leads, logging emails and call notes, and get back to closing deals.
    Transform your sales team into an Inbound Sales team by empowering your sales reps with prospects' behavioral data in a platform that is easy to manage, update and optimize.

    Intuitive Deal Board

    In traditional CRMs changing the status of a deal was a manual, cumbersome and time intensive job. With the HubSpot CRM, you can use the custom deal boards to effortlessly move your deals from stage to stage as they progress through your pipeline with the unique drag and drop functionality. Drag and drop not your style? No sweat, you can also use the table view which allows you to edit or change the status of multiple deals at once.


    Seamless Communication

    Tired of jumping between a ton of different platforms just to  set up on meeting? The HubSpot CRM comes with everything you need built right in. Send and schedule your emails, set up meetings and send calendar invites, leave notes for yourself on individual contact records and even make phone calls. The HubSpot CRM makes it easy to manage your communications with every one of your prospects.


    Individualized Reporting

    With HubSpot CRM you can bring your marketing and sales full-circle with advanced closed-loop analytics. Each user has access to individualized reporting, helping them see how they are performing from month to month. From deal forecasts reports, to productivity and pipeline stats, your reps will see their dashboards every time they login, empowering them to move prospects through the funnel more efficiently and ultimately close more deals.

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