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Pipeline Marketing

What is Pipeline Marketing

For years, B2B marketers have been held accountable for "lead generation" alone. These days are over. Solely creating new contacts and hitting a lead commit is no longer enough. Today, marketers must be able to attribute their efforts to the companies revenue pipeline. This is pipeline marketing. 

Modern marketers are able to create meaningful insights by leveraging the data provided by new digital marketing tools to enable campaigns that are more sophisticated, customized and individualized that ever before. Growth hackers have brought engineering frameworks and mindsets to the marketing departments of high-growth businesses where data-driven decisions now rule the day. 

These innovations in marketing are fantastic. However, many marketing departments still use these tools to focus efforts only on the top of the marketing funnel. The consequence of this has been misaligned marketing and sales departments.

For marketers to survive today they must change their mindsets to focus on the revenue they drive to the companies bottom line–not the number of leads they bring in at the top of the funnel. Additionally, marketers must make data-driven decisions about how they can make improvements at each stage. 


Use Pipeline Marketing to Grow Your Business

Pipeline marketing is tactic agnostic. Pipeline marketing is how you measure, report on and optimize each of these tactics to maximize revenue pipeline contribution. 

At New Breed, we have done away with our marketing and sales teams. A revenue team has replaced these departments. They are held accountable to deliver on a dollar value to New Breed's bottom line, while making all decisions with this in mind–regardless of how many visits or leads it takes to achieve these goals. 

If you want to learn more about how pipeline marketing can help you show marketing attribution at your company, sign up for the Pipeline Marketer course or contact New Breed today.

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