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Our Process

Linking Inbound Marketing + Inbound Sales


Our approach to inbound is bringing together your marketing and sales to create a fully optimized funnel that delivers the customers and drives growth for your company.

Inbound Demand Generation

The initial tier of the funnel is the Demand Generation stage, which takes a potential customer from the initial prospect phase and turns them into a marketing qualified lead. Our inbound marketing solution set — including blogging, social media, SEO, lead scoring and more — effectively attracts quality traffic to your website and then converts that traffic into sales-ready leads. 

Inbound Sales Conversion

The second tier of our process funnel focuses on converting those quality leads your marketing team has generated into happy customers. Our sales conversion focuses on giving your inbound sales team the tools they need to close the deal: a sales-ready website, landing pages, lead nurturing programs and sales enablement tools. Each piece is a key to arming your sales team and positioning them for success.

Putting it All Together

The goal of all of your marketing and sales efforts is to get that next customer, right? We collect data at every stage of the funnel so we can show you exactly how your inbound program is delivering results. Our team of Inbound Strategists analyze and optimize each step of the way, ensuring that we are delivering customers with the highest ROI for the lowest cost of acquisition.

Working with New Breed was a no-brainer for us. With their comprehensive understanding of inbound marketing and sales, and their top-notch team, they built us a great website that is delivering results.

Adam Kearney - VP of Marketing, MemberClicks

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