Management Consulting Company sees 42% increase in visitor-to-lead conversion rate

Location: Atlanta, GA

Founded: 2006

Employees: 100 - 250

Industry: Management Consulting

SBI is a sales and marketing consultancy focused on helping B2B companies make the number.


Sales Benchmark Index came to New Breed in need of a website redesign that focused on the individuals coming to the site and the content they craved. SBI specifically wanted to leverage the HubSpot CMS while significantly employing smart and personalized content throughout the site. As a marketing- and sales-consulting company for B2Bs, its staff members deal with a number of different departments, from HR to marketing. They needed a website that spoke to each persona intuitively without giving the site a personality disorder. In addition, the website had to focus on the immense amounts of content they were producing for each of their personas. Ultimately, SBI wanted a sales-ready website and lead-conversion machine that would present a unique experience for each visitor.


Our partnership with SBI began through a referral from HubSpot. It was one of the first enterprise-level HubSpot users that wanted to leverage the CMS, which helped to break the misconception that only smaller business could leverage the power of this CMS.

The process began with what would typically be our digital-onboarding workshop. These workshops usually identify and refine buyer personas, review business and revenue goals and establish benchmarks and key performance indicators, but SBI’s workshop was different. It initially came to us with six fully fleshed-out buyer personas. So, for the first meeting our team sat down with SBI’s CEO to dive deep into each of them.

After gaining a comprehensive understanding of each of its buyer personas, which were broad, we worked collaboratively with SBI to finalize these identities and how they played into the site’s navigation. In addition to having buyer personas previously defined, the team came to us with a specific strategy in mind. It wanted to design and develop a site around how its business can impact different roles within an organization.

Leveraging HubSpot CMS's Smart Content Features

To achieve this, the staff decided to leverage smart content and personalization. The goal behind this was to provide each visitor with a unique and enjoyable experiencewhile also qualifying these individuals from the first touch. With more than 90 percent of the company’s marketing efforts allocated toward the website and blog (strictly inbound practices), we collaboratively decided the site had to be simple, uncluttered and deliver that unique experience they sought.

With the information we gathered from different meetings and conversations, we completely understood the business SBI conducts, along with its goals and strategy. With this new knowledge in tow, we were ready to begin the website-planning stage. Typically, our web-strategy team creates website architecture, wireframes and conversion maps detailing how each persona would move through the finished website. In SBI’s case, the company came to us with developed architecture and wireframes.

Boosting Conversions

SBI’s goal for the website architecture was to generate a greater amount of traffic while increasing its visitor-to-lead conversion rate. Therefore, we created a homepage that displayed different organizational positions (SBI’s personas), which visitors could click. Doing so would present them with a personalized journey of hand-picked blog posts and relevant services that spoke directly to each persona’s pain points.

Additionally, we offered SBI's team custom training in the HubSpot CMS. This way, it can manage and further develop its site internally.


42% Increase in Visitor-to-Lead Conversion Rate

Already an established inbound marketing player, SBI’s new website tightly aligns and expands inbound methodology beyond marketing and into sales. Its new site has become its best salesperson, generating more highly qualified leads. SBI’s team can now more effectively move visitors through the sales funnel.

Having a best-in-class website is essential for separating your business from the competition and can be an amazing tool for helping you achieve your business goals. With New Breed’s expert team of certified CMS designers and inbound marketers, you can trust you’ll receive a custom Web presence and marketing strategy that will help you attract quality traffic, convert that traffic into leads and close those leads into customers.

Sales Benchmark Index’s website was featured on the HubSpot Designer’s page and in a HubSpot blog post: 3 Cutting-Edge Examples of Website Personalization.

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