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Senior Inbound Sales Representative

(aka Inbound Advisor, aka Closer for Hire, aka Rainmaker)

As a Senior Inbound Sales Representative, you will work New Breed’s customers to deploy New Breed’s inbound sales strategy and then be responsible for it’s execution. In this role, you will be working closely with sales leadership and sales operations to execute our world class sales methodology, properly forecast your new sales numbers, achieve your net/new quota each month, uncover strategies to coach and develop, and devise scalable ways to grow an inbound sales team successfully. You will work closely with our Inbound Marketing Strategists to ensure that we can deliver all the way through the sales conversion funnel.

As a data and process driven organization, you will be required to use a variety of measurement tools including, insightsquared, and HubSpot.

Are you competitive and self-motivated? Do you have previous sales and marketing experience or a high degree of interest changing the way sales has been done? Looking to be on the ground floor and influential in pioneering how companies grow their business? Do you want to join a high producing team in a fast-paced company?

In this role, you will:

  • Become an expert in inbound marketing and inbound sales
  • Deploy, execute and optimize our world-class business development program
  • Close new business consistently at or above quota level
  • Conduct prospecting (Honey Badgering) for qualified leads (between 20 and 30 calls per day)
  • Schedule online product demonstrations
  • Conduct needs assessments calls with marketing qualified leads
  • Responding to sales inquiries via email (MQLs) as assigned
  • Develop HubSpot CRM & Sidekick best practices and implementation roadmaps
  • Collaborate with New Breed’s product team to develop sales enablement assets (Sales Presentations, Sales Email Templates Battle Cards, Cheat Sheets, Case Studies, etc.)
  • Unify marketing and sales platforms, people and processes
  • Optimize dashboards and reporting for Sales Leadership
  • Monitor performance against key performance indicators and implement improvement strategies as required. Identifying business requirements and process improvement opportunities to help streamline the selling and fulfillment cycle.
  • Ensure process improvement minimizes administration responsibilities of sales reps  

You need to have:

  • Experience coaching, leading and running a consultative sales process
  • The desire to meet a quota for daily, weekly, and monthly quality appointment goals and generating qualified leads that ultimately convert to booked pipeline revenue
  • Working knowledge of CRM best practices ( & HubSpot CRM)
  • You have superior communications skills, excellent verbal capacity, incredible writing skills and the ability to capture an audience during a presentation
  • You can adapt easily to a rapidly-changing environment
  • The ability to build relationships and command credibility with internal stakeholders
  • Have audacious goals (BHAGs) and the drive to be the best in your competitive space
  • Knack for researching and learning about companies and industries
  • Align with New Breed’s Culture Code
  • Excellent quantitative skills and ability to communicate customer value propositions
  • Experience in marketing software or Salesforce strongly preferred
  • Experience in successfully growing relationship and creating customer success
  • The ability to stay current with inbound marketing and sales strategies, best practices, and associated resources
  • An innate, scrappy and entrepreneurial drive to GSD in a fast moving startup environment where things can change quickly
  • Self motivation, self awareness, self discipline, self improvement, use good judgment, positive energy, willingness to help others
  • The ability to adapt and create proactive change Identify optimal process efficiencies
  • Inbound and HubSpot certification

You should have:

  • A sharp focus on your goals, your teams goals, New Breed’s goals, and the customers goals
  • Street smarts Emotional intelligence Thrive in a fast paced, cross functional environment
  • Strong listening skills
  • Ability to coach and train others
  • Tons of energy, passion, humor, compassion, and enthusiasm
  • Superior communication skills and presentation skills
  • Exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Some experience with a startup is preferred


  • Working Knowledge of Salesforce 
  • Love for Inbound Marketing + Sales 
  • Experience selling SaaS Software & Services

What's in it for you?

  • Work with awesome people who love what they do 
  • Get in the ground floor of a fast-growing company
  • Work with the worlds best inbound marketers 
  • Spend your day in an amazing office with awesome views  
  • Work with awesome clients and some of the fastest-growing companies

To see this group of people who are insanely driven and thriving in a company where they can have autonomy to solve for the customer, is an inspiration.

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