November 20, 2013

5 Ways to Improve Content: Writing Blog Posts that are Fun to Read

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Writing blog posts is fun - Shouldn't reading them be fun too?

writing-blog-posts-to-be-funWe all love being entertained, right? – Well the same goes for content! I know what you may be thinking… I don’t have anything “sexy” or “entertaining” to write about. You don’t need to sell Red Bull or an iPhone to gain and engage an audience. If you have the right strategy or mind set, you can transform any topic into a fun and exciting piece of content. 

Writing blog posts can be extremely overwhelming but highly beneficial to your company and overall web presence. But picking a topic that is fun for your reader? That's an even more challenging! We are here to help! – In today’s post we want to give you tips on how to add a little sugar and spice to even the most boring topics.

1. Run a Contest

Give your reader a reason to come to your page and feel good about it. One of the best ways to spark interest and keep your reader engaged is through a contest or promotion – Let’s be real, everyone loves free swag! Take it from me, I can’t tell you how many times I took something home that I didn’t need, and sometimes didn't even want. But since it was free, I simply couldn’t resist.

Run a contest or promotion that requires people to submit content, such as a Tweet or Facebook post – the participant will then promote this contest on their private social media channels. When entrants share their content via social networks, it’s a personal endorsement of your brand and the participant feels good about you and your blog because they have a chance of winning free stuff! It’s really a win-win.

2. Make them Laugh

Believe it or not you don’t have to be funny to make your reader laugh. Grab a funny co-worker for a little inspiration – if they are funny, chances are they won’t mind taking a few minutes out of their day to spark a smile or two. 

Sometimes all you need to make your reader laugh and feel entertained is a humorous video to support your content.

3. Write about an Event

Back in August, six New Breeders traveled to Boston and spent four days immersed in all things inbound marketing. Our friends at HubSpot hosted Inbound 13, a conference that focused on the important elements of Inbound and what we can expect in 2014. Not only was this a very valuable learning experience for our team but it was a great way to make connections and reconnect with old colleagues.   

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When the New Breed team returned from the exciting trip, they couldn’t wait to debrief their time in a blog post! Covering an event in your blog post is a fun, interactive way to share some of your takeaways and favorite moments of the event. Check out this blog post on Inbound 13 covered by our very own Alyssa. She did a fantastic job of incorporating photos with her text to convey a story.

(Check out some of the photos from this event and others like it by following us on Instagram: @NewBreedMktg)

4. Embrace Guest Blogging

Alyssa, our Director of Marketing, is the first New Breeder to be featured as a "HubSpot Insider" on the Inbound Hub  – designed for “inbound know-how from folks who know how” – well, that’s a tongue twister!

Guest blogging allows for your content to be seen on more than one medium, instead of just your own company blog  (if that isn’t fun, I don’t know what is). Your company partners may also be on board with jumping on your blog as a guest – get out there and utilize your connections. Embracing the power of guest blogging provides variety and makes it fun for the reader to see you on a different medium and say – “hey, I know her!”

5. Put your Company in the Spotlight

Feature a “behind the scenes” look into your company with photographs and fun company stories. This will not only be fun for your reader, but it will help to humanize your brand / business. If your company attends a monthly dinner to have fun and break from the stress of work, share it with your readers! Just because you’re a dedicated worker, doesn’t mean you don’t know how to have fun!

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