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November 15, 2014

Weekend Wind Down: Vol. 1

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Sure, we use the weekends to relax, reboot and step back from work a little, but admit it: whether it's the weekend, vacation or anytime in between, we never truly remove ourselves completely.

Unlike what some people recommend - unplugging completely when the weekend comes - it has actually been found that your mind is sharper and more clear when you spend some time over the weekend thinking about work.

Instead of spending hours checking your email, or logging online to chat with your crazy coworkers who are also working, we have found that the most effective way to keep our minds engaged was to read.

So I put the theory to a test a few weekends ago and began avidly reading industry blogs, articles and reports - usually a few a day - to see how my Monday shaped up. To my surprise, I found myself significantly more productive. I realized the weekends offer the ideal opportunity to step back from work-work and dive into your industry community.

I wasn’t alone in this quest; one of our designer/developers, Pete, began sending us his own version of a Reader’s Digest which included a variety of industry articles he felt we’re important for our team to check out. He’s been providing us with some really great stuff and so we've decided to bring it to you...weekly!

We will be bringing you some of the week’s best industry blogs, articles, reports, news and trends. Without further ado, I present to you:

Weekend Wind Down: Vol. I

Pete’s word of advice

“As I say every time, give articles a read even if they don’t pertain to something that you do directly as learning the world of your teammates turns your brain into a shiny bridge that spans the river of ignorance and can be crossed by your idea trucks.”

1. Use philosophy to generate solutions

Austrian philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein argued that many philosophical statements become preposterous when applied to the real world. Fortunately, this is not true and in fact, traditional philosophical ideas and techniques can aid in discovering marketing solutions for everything from UX design to workflows.

2. Maximize your creative energy

While we may think multitasking is productive, studies show that a person who is interrupted takes 50% longer to complete a task and makes 50% more errors in the process. That doesn’t seem very productive to me. Along with minimizing distractions, sleep, exercise and a healthy diet can help fuel those creative juices.

3. Content must be relatable and actionable

If your content is not appealing to your audience on a personal level, it will be overlooked. Content must be relatable and actionable in order to increase user attention span. So, it is important to find out what content your audience relates to, and the create a plan to boost it across all the platforms your use.

4. Turn unhappy customers into a valuable resource

It’s easier than ever for customers to publicly share their experiences, and the way you respond to unhappy customers will determine what they say about you afterward. By truly listening to your unhappy customers you can generate the most pleasant outcome possible.

5. Topic modeling & semantic connectivity

Today, search engines are smarter than ever before. They now know more than just a word, different phrases and long-tail keywords can serve you associated and connected results in addition to exact phrase results. This alters the way we perform SEO on our content.

We hope you enjoyed this weekend’s wind down and it helps you stay sharp without having to fully engage with work. Until next weekend!

Let us know what you think about Pete’s Weekend Wind Down - comment below!

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