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April 3, 2014

The Ultimate SEO Checklist for Blogging [INFOGRAPHIC]

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seo-checklist-for-bloggingDid you know, only 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results? We know that part of driving quality traffic is through optimized content, specifically blogging, which will help you get on that coveted first page. If you're not effectively optimizing your content, there is a chance your website won’t ever be found.

Which means....we're talking about SEO. Yes, the word that makes many people shutter and is avoided like the plague, unfortunately can't be avoided if you want to be successful. Search engine optimization is essential to helping your website being found through search engines. Using SEO in a strategic way will increase your likelihood of having a link on the first page of a search result versus being buried under multiple pages. The goal of using SEO is to optimize your content and get more qualified visitors to your website. 

You may think this strategies revolves soley around keywords. And while keywords are a key component of SEO, there are many other factors you should be considering when you're creating your content. More important than anything else is to make sure that you're writing for real people, and not search engines. Specifically, you should be writing for your buyer personas.

We know that we're throwing a lot of ideas at you once, so we've created a simple infographic to help you optimize your blog content for search engines. Use this SEO checklist to improve your blog’s search-ability and start attracting even more visitors to your website!


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