September 2, 2016

Free Guide: Trade Show Tips to Help You Crush Lead Capture and Follow-Up

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Whatever you do at a trade show — talk to prospects, meet with partners, chat with clients, capture badge scans — there's a great feeling you get afterward. It's a feeling of exhausted accomplishment.

But what happens when you get home? What happens to the work you did there to meet new potential clients? Does it all go to waste, or do you have a highly effective lead capture, segmentation, importing and follow-up plan? Because we've been there before, we're willing to guess it's at least sometimes the former.

These Trade Show Tips Can Help

Your hard work at trade shows is valuable, and so are the leads you are able to capture. But all of that can fall through the cracks if you don't have the right strategy and the right CRM to carry that strategy out — and that's a darn shame!

That's why we've created a new guide to help you through all of those important steps: intake form, list segmentation in HubSpot, and of course, the all-important follow-up.

Are you ready to start winning at every single trade show? Then you're ready for this guide.

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Topics: Inbound Sales, Demand Generation, Lead Generation

About The Author

Olivia is the manager of New Breed's Inbound Team. She excels at helping clients identify, build and execute scalable demand generation strategies using the HubSpot ecosystem.

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