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January 15, 2014

Top People to Follow on Twitter for the New Year

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jan_twitterIt's a new year and we're excited to be sharing our very first, "Top People to Follow on Twitter" post with you.

January always marks an exciting time for us in business, not just us at New Breed, but the general business community as a whole. It's a fresh start for many of us. A time where we're looking out on the year ahead, filled with goals we want to achieve and strategies to get us there. 

One of our goals at New Breed, is fostering a stronger social media community. And not just following, a really community, where we're all engaging, interacting and sharing with each other. We know we have lots of knowledge to share with you, but we also want to learn everything we can from you.

With that said, we think it's a perfect time to focus on learning more about inbound marketing, getting tips that will help you reach your goals, and most importantly, finding strategies to help you grow as an inbound marketer.

So, here's our January 2014 list of the top 10 people to follow on Twitter to get the latest inbound marketing news. Happy Tweeting!

1. @kippbodnar

Bio: Inbound Marketing @HubSpot. Co-Author of The B2B Social Media Book ( Founded (@smb2b)


2. @Steveology

Bio: A Forbes Top 50 Social Media Influencer, blogger, B2B content marketing and inbound marketing, and social media strategist working with tech companies and B2B.


3. @MarkRoberge 

Bio: SVP of Sales and Services at HubSpot. Inbound Sales. Sales 2.0 scientist. Inbound Marketing pioneer. MIT quant. Family man.


4. @repcor

Singing Inbound Marketing @HubSpot. Founder of new #acappella group @theeighttracks. Enjoy my one-hit-wonder:


5. @schneiderb

Bio: Blogger, speaker, consultant about inbound marketing and social media at Dir of Admission at Sewickley Academy (


6. @aschottmuller

Bio: Inbound Marketing Advisor & Speaker. ROI and User-Focused #Content #SEO #SMM #CRO #mobile. @ThreeDeep Marketer, Christian, @SEWatch Blogger, @StarWars Fan


7. @Dharmesh

Bio: Entrepreneur. Founder/CTO @HubSpot Inbound Marketing and Startup Blogger at


8. @JohnMBeveridge 

Bio: Founder of Rapidan Strategies, Inbound Marketing and Social Media Consultant, Social Media Today Contributor, Vice Chair - NVTC Sales and BD Committee.


9. @Inboundorg

Bio: is a community sharing the best inbound marketing; SEO, social media, contenting marketing and more. Tweet questions to @edfryed


10. @InboundAgent

Bio: Digital marketing geek with a devoted passion fo bad food and a great hot dog. We educate & teach #InboundMarketing to small & medium sized businesses.


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