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November 20, 2012

Top 5 Marketing Tools We're Thankful For

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Turkey-Thanks-blog-postThis is a time of year where we give thanks for all the things we have in life. As marketers, it's a great time of year to think about what has driven our success - reflect on the good. But also think about where we could make improvements for next year - reevaluate the bad.

Even though we are marketers at our core, we don't do it alone. We have integrated a bunch of awesome marketing tools into our solutions, and we want to share the love. Here is a list of our top 5 marketing tools that we think you should consider adding to your process. We're also giving you a reasons why these are in our list of Top 5 Marketing Tools!

1. WordPress

It's arguably the best Content Management System (CMS) platform on the market today. WordPress is not only free, but it's super easy to use,  completely customizeable and you can have pretty much any functionality imaginable on your site. We have moved to building all of our sites in WordPress for many reasons. The easy of use with the backend, gives people with no HTML or web coding experience the ability to edit the look and feel, generate content and build beautiful websites. WordPress also comes with an active user community who are quick to respond to questions and are constantly coming out with new add-ins(like new Themes and plugins). And for our Web Development team, they have foundWordPress to be the easiestCMS platform to develop sites in - it far outweighsDrupal andJoomla - and 90% of the time, it meets our clients needs without too much customization. Overall it's a fantastic platform and an easy number one on our list of Top 5 Marketing Tools.

2. HubSpot

Number two on our list of Top 5 Marketing Tools is HubSpot. And for good reason. This revolutionary, all-in-one marketing automation platform has found a way to simplify the marketing process, but still drive incredible results and conversions. Their philosophy on inbound marketing - the process of using targeted marketing initiatives (like content creation, search marketing & social media) that help potential customers find your business when they are ready to buy - results in better, more qualified leads for your sales funnel. And it's all about the funnel with them.But what's so special about this platform is that you can do all of this from one place. And not only can you just do it, you can track, analyze, improve upon and convert your leads into customers. From blogging, to social media, to email campaigns, to building landing pages, you can do it all from HubSpot's sleek user interface. It's another easy-to-use tool and is a no-brainer why it falls in our Top 5 Marketing Tools list.

3. Google Analytics

Even though HubSpot offers powerful analytical tools, we still rely on Google Anaytics for in-depth information on our websites. We typically look at what content is performing the best, where are visitors are coming from and how they're getting to our site (this can often inform any paid search campaigns you are running), page load times and social performance.  There seems to be no limit in the way you can slice and dice the data, helping you make informed decisions about how to improve your website - not only look and feel, but also design. GoogleAnalytics is a logical number 3 on our list of Top 5 Marketing Tools.

4. Yoast SEO Plugin

Number four on our Top 5 Marketing Tools list is a plugin that we recently installed and immediately fell in love with. If you haven't downloaded the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin,stop reading and go do it now. Seriously, it's so good it doesn't even need an explanation, you'll see why immediately. First and foremost, the plugin is awesome for on-pageSEO. You add your focus keyword and it shows you exactly where it shows up in your content, tags, headlines, etc., but also will give you an analysis of where it should be to boost yourSEO results even more. It also has a bunch ofbackend features which are awesome, but we'll save those for a later post. Just know, this plugin kicks butt and we highly recommend installing it for your site.

5. Google+

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you know all about Google+. You just haven't made the leap and don't see the value. Well, if we didn't convince you about the business benefits of Google+, we might be able to convince you with its search integration features.

Aside from the great features of the platform itself, one of the things we love most about Google+ is how it has found it's way into search. Now if you're logged into your Google account while browsing the internet, which many people are, your Google searches will default to social searches, meaning the content produced by the people you are connected to socially will find its way into your search results. This is great for businesses who blog. Additionally, the author rel tags are an easy perk for having a Google+ page. If set up on your blog, your face, name and link to Google+ profile will show up next to the article title. And it's been found that folks are much more likely to click on an article if there is a human association with it. So boost your traffic and get on Google+!

And there you have it folks.

Our list of Top 5 Marketing Tools that we are especially thankful for this Holiday season. What tools do you find helpful? Tell us in the comments below! Interested in learning more about Inbound and content marketing? Check out this whitepaper which will help you develop your own Content Strategy. 

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