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May 9, 2013

How to Brand Your Company with Streamlined Branding™

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On the B2C side of marketing, branding is everything. Companies spend millions (if not billions) of dollars in advertising just to build brand awareness and reinforce their brand image in consumers' minds. Of course, messaging and specific campaigns assist in shaping their brands, but for many of them big bulks of their marketing spends are on general brand awareness.

But why are we talking about B2C companies here? That's not you. You're a B2B company, so this doesn't apply to you, right? Wrong.

Even as a B2B company, it's important to know how to brand your company. It's an essential building block in your B2B marketing strategy.

Let us capture what is truly unique about your business and position you for exponential growth.

We have lots of clients that come to us in need of new websites, inbound marketing campaigns or sales enablement tools, but after our first meeting, we quickly realize they first need to look at their branding strategy before beginning with any marketing and sales collateral.

Why? We believe that because B2B companies can be so complex, it's even more important to have a well thought out brand that embodies your value proposition and resonates with your customers and prospects.

But it's where to begin this process that has many B2B marketers looking for answers. Which is precisely why we have developed our Streamlined Branding™ package.

Streamlined_Branding_CTA_smJust as the name implies, Streamlined Branding™ is designed to accelerate your brand, drive revenue and position your B2B company for success. With our proven method, and with your deep understanding of your organization, we quickly get to the heart of your business, and create a messaging and creative platform that aligns with your business goals and resonates with your target audience.

Our goal is to uncover your bold claim; your value proposition. We are going to find what it is that you do better than anyone else, why buyers (specifically your customers and prospects) should be excited about it, why they should choose you and only you over everyone else, and why they can trust your team to deliver on that promise.

The Result

Upon completion of this process, you will have an established brand roadmap that will accelerate the creative execution of your brand and ensure it remains on target with your customer base. 

A strong B2B brand is important. And taking the time to learn how to brand your company will help to ensure the success of the rest of your marketing and sales collateral



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