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June 11, 2014

An Inside Look at New Breed’s Social Media Boot Camp

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social_media_boot_campI’m willing to bet that you’re on a few social media platforms – but have you ever thought about the strategy or impact behind your personal profiles? If you’re like the majority of working professionals, you probably have not.

Often times, we cut a divide between our personal and professional lives, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Creating these boundaries helps us to maintain a work-life balance, and avoid an inevitable burn-out. But what I’d like to propose is this; if you love what you do, why wouldn’t you want to talk about it?

To work with this notion, we held an internal Social Media Boot Camp.

In our boot camp we covered some social media basics, best practices, and went over different ways we could all share what we love without it becoming overwhelming, (for us or our followers). I gained a ton of inspiration and helpful tips from this workshop, and so now I’d like to share the wealth!

Here’s an inside look at our boot camp!


Beginning with the Basics

The session began with a run-through of the basics. Because we’re pretty familiar with social media at New Breed, this was a pretty brief section, but here are a few takeaways you may find helpful!

  • Profiles (both Twitter and LinkedIn) can be optimized for certain keywords. Include basic job details such as position and industry in terms that others would use. This is the perfect opportunity to build a network of professional peers.
  • Social Media is the perfect platform for sharing thought leadership in a particular space.
  • Sharing work-related information on our personal profiles can give our brand more personality, and help drive overall success. It helps showcase the faces behind the brand.

For more info on the basics of social media, you can check out our infographic which lists some pretty nifty stats on demographics and social media growth.

Breaking into Best Practices

As I hinted before, it’s easy to neglect a strategy when working with our personal social media profiles. Your idea of strategy might be Tweeting George R. R. Martin ideas for the 6th A Song of Ice and Fire book (Okay, I have to admit, that’s a great strategy), but it’s also important to consider our profiles as part of our personal brand.

To give us some ideas of how to effectively mesh work and pleasure, Olivia Perek, our resident social media guru and Alyssa Rimmer, our director of marketing, compiled a list of best practices for Twitter and LinkedIn. Check it out!

LinkedIn Best Practices:

  • Join and engage in groups of interest
  • Status postings can include industry news, what you’ve been reading, personal commentary on work-related items, blog posts that you and your coworkers have written, etc.
  • Comment, Like and Share with fellow connections, influencers and companies.
  • Be willing to share recommendations – this may help you in receiving recommendations back.
  • When connecting with someone, make it personal. Write a quick note relevant to that person. For example, if you’ve met someone once or twice and wish to connect, remind them of how you met. Maybe include a note saying that you’ve enjoyed their posts on other social media platforms. This also works when connecting with influencers in your space, who you may not have had the opportunity to meet in-person.
  • Keep your profile up-to-date.
  • Take part in discussions.
  • Don’t be ‘spammy.’ Share a breadth of information, not just your latest blog post.

Twitter Best Practices:

  • Make sure your profile picture is a clear, up-close, individual photograph of yourself
  • Choose a username that is easy to find. Try going for first name/last name, or first initial/last name.
  • Include a cover photo and background – include enough white space so that it isn’t clashing or overwhelming.
  • Include a URL to your company page. This is a great area to include a link to the blog posts you have written.
  • Include your physical location. This again, makes it easier for your network to find the right profile and connect.
  • Share timely news and useful information (that both your personal and professional connections will enjoy).
  • Include rich media such as photos and videos.
  • Be #strategic with #hashtags. No one wants to see #AMillionHashtags. It is #HardToRead and #cluttered. Point proven? (Click here for a better example).
  • Tweet quotes from influencers and thought leaders.
  • Leave room (around 15 characters) for others to comment with a Retweet.
  • Respond to @ messages
  • Don’t drink and Tweet.

I hope that you find some of these tips helpful, and of course, feel free to connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn  - Select that you’ve worked with me, and in a note, include that you read this post! Best practices abound!

Have any more best practices or tips for using your personal profile professionally? Leave a note in the comments below!


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