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March 26, 2013

How SEO is Changing for B2B Tech Marketers

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How-SEO-is-Changing-for-B2B-Tech-Marketers-300x220-1If you’re paying attention to online marketing at all, you’ve likely picked up that SEO is evolving into what some are now calling SMI (search marketing integration).

But are we seeing the trend here at New Breed?

For one, we’ve certainly noticed the re-emergence of the tech pub. Most commonly, these seem to be sent to us in an effective and sustainable online format, that has surprising value to B2B marketers - B2B Tech marketers included. We’re also seeing that with the continuing evolution of search itself (i.e. the algorithms), combined with the evolution of social and multi-media (video, and we believe, ultimately audio) and its affects on search results, smart B2B marketers are being forced to re-think their lead generation strategies. A recent study by Google highlights some of these interesting trends:

  • 48% of B2B Tech customers discover brands they weren’t aware of through a search engine
  • Referrals to B2B Tech sites from non-branded searches account for 78% of all search referrals
  • 71% of B2B Tech customers research the Tech product advertised after seeing a display ad

But what does this all mean to us as savvy B2B marketers?

Clearly, for 48% of B2B Tech buyers, the search engine is an important TOFU (top of funnel) lead source.

For 78% of your potential traffic, B2B Tech marketers need to have a strategic approach to keyword strategy that reaches well beyond just your brand name. You need to be savvy in how you allocate your keywords to gain maximum impact for your investments. This is particularly true for B2B Tech companies that operate in spaces where leveraging ‘jargon’ in systematic ways can lead to extraordinary increases in high-quality traffic.  Through our experience in working with B2B Tech companies, we’ve learned that sometimes what might be considered ‘jargon’ for some, is also used by the wider population for completely different reasons. This is where PPC ads come into the mix and can really make a difference for these high-competition keywords. They need to be very-carefully crafted to exclude superfluous (and costly) general population clicks.

Another interesting trend we’re seeing is ‘attribution’. B2B Tech buyers will respond to trade pub or other display advertising, just maybe not in the ways that you would expect. We’re huge fans of leveraging a strong, high quality call-to-action (CTA) with your display ads. If you’re a client of ours then you already know this, but if you have yet to work with us, you’ll quickly discover that we push you to work from the website out. Our belief is, what good is an expensive ad campaign if your website doesn’t convert leads? We want your website to be your best salesperson.

The most important aspect of an inbound marketing strategy is having a great marketing automation platform in place (we love HubSpot) and solid baseline data running. From here you can get to ‘attribution’, meaning the increase in valuable traffic you are seeing from display ads that are not actual ad click throughs of the ad itself, but rather are follow-on search queries. This is vital in establishing your case for ongoing ROI from your marketing spends.

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