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August 1, 2014

Best Sales Enablement Tools to Help You Close More Customers

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sales_enablement_toolsInbound isn’t just a term associated with marketing. The concept of Inbound sales exists, and it’s truly changing the playing field, so listen up!

In past years, a prospective lead would be in touch with a sales rep to find out product details or pricing; but now, the Internet is rapidly putting a stop to this behavior. Instead, they are obtaining this information through your company’s website, reading product reviews online or looking at side by side comparisons on related sites.

So what does all this mean?

It means prospective leads are more educated before making any decisions. It means that your sales reps are getting involved with the prospect later in the marketing funnel. And, it also means that the prospect is expecting more from the sales team once they do interact.

The prospect already knows all about your business and your products/services. They aren’t contacting you to have what they already researched reiterated — they want new information!

It’s time for the sales team to step it up, and we know the sales enablement tools that can help:

1. Salesforce

Marketing materials are taking over the tasks that your sales team used to be responsible for in the first part of the funnel; therefore, it makes sense that aligning marketing and sales to centralize campaign management and increase visibility into each team’s process is the next step. In order to do this, you will need a comprehensive sales enablement tool that both teams can work with; this is where Salesforce comes into play.

Through increased visibility into marketing, sales reps get a better sense of what content attracted leads in the first place, what converted them and how they flowed through the funnel. This makes it easier to tailor an appropriate sales pitch, and provides the sales team with a better understanding of the needs and pain points of each prospect.

Salesforce will help your sales team organize and analyze buyer data to make more informed decisions.

2. Signals by HubSpot

HubSpot, on its own, is a super power; an all inclusive sales and marketing platform that can do it all when it comes to unifying marketing and sales. Not surprisingly, HubSpot’s Signals falls nothing short of being awesome as well!

This tool provides sales reps with a strong understanding of a prospect’s journey, a better sense of the prospect’s interests, and helps them decide when the time is right to contact a lead. After all, if you know that a lead is browsing your website, wouldn’t that be the perfect time to get in touch?

The Signals app lives in the Google Chrome browser, automatically sending alerts when a prospect visits your website, opens your email or clicks on a link, for example.

And what’s more awesome about this sales enablement tool? It’s free, regardless of whether or not you are a HubSpot user!

3. Bigcommerce Ecommerce Store

Nothing is easier than closing a sale and letting an ecommerce platform organize all of the payment and shipping technicalities. The only tricky part is finding a platform that does it all efficiently, effectively and securely. Fortunately, we have good news for you, because as far as we’re concerned, Bigcommerce is the way to go.

Not only does this platform allow you to have a customized storefront homepage to reflect your brand persona, but it’s also a breeze to upload products and product details. If you find yourself needing assistance, the Bigcommerce Success Squad is on-call. Not to mention, a platform partner like New Breed can assist in the design and development of your ecommerce store, ensuring that you have a unique and effective web storefront.

With sales enablement tools designed to create visibility in the marketing and sales process, your team will be ready to close sales faster and more confidently. Before you know it, marketing and sales unification will seem like second nature, and the sales process will become increasingly efficient and streamlined.


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