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March 12, 2013

How to Use The New Pinterest Analytics Tool

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Breaking news all you B2B marketers and number lovers out there. There's new data for us to analyze! Pretty exciting stuff, right?

As revenue and sales driven marketers, data is something that makes us happy. We love pouring over numbers, analyzing this, slicing that, measuring it all. It lets us get down and dirty with the details, which gives us a better sense of the big picture.

And now one of our favorite social media platforms has given us what we love. Numbers and data. Pinterest has rolled out the new Pinterest analytics tool for business accounts!

What's so great about the new Pinterest analytics tool?

This awesome new tool lets you see what images are getting pinned from your website, what images are getting the most traction, and how many people it's reaching. All of which helps us make better decisions for the future. By seeing what types of images are being pinned and the type of visitor who's pinning them, we are able to make informed decisions about what's on our website.

How to get the new Pinterest analytics tool

The new Pinterest analytics tool is available right now (and it's free!), to anyone who has a Pinterest business account, meaning you can't use your personal account. Don't have a business account yet? Here's some reasons why you should!

Once you've set up your business account, it's time to get analyzed. First step is to switch to the New Look. If you haven't done it already, it's super easy. All you have to do is click on the arrow next to your username, and choose "Switch to the New Look" at the bottom. A little popup will show up (like the one below), hit "Okay" and you're set! How-to-Use-New-Pinterest-Analytics-from-New-Breed Switch to the New Look. Click "Okay".[/caption] Now that you have the new look (and really it didn't change that much, just bigger pictures), you also have access to the analytics. In the same drop down menu where you changed over to the new look, choose "Analytics".

How to use the Pinterest analytics tool

So let's dive into this tool, shall we? What does it tell you? What insights can you gain? Here's an example of the dashboard view, and below we will explain just what this all means. New-Pinterest-Analytics-Tool-from-New-Breed Pinterest Analytics Tool Dashboard

As you can see from the top of this image, there are different tabs you can toggle between that show you different data. This is a view of the first tab, Site Metics, which gives you access to these numbers:

  • Pins / Pinners - the daily average number of pins and number of people who pinned from your website
  • Repins - the daily average number of times pins from your website were repinned on Pinterest
  • Repinners - the daily average number of people who repinned your pins
  • Impressions - the daily average number of times your pins appeared on Pinterest in the main feed, in search results, or on boards
  • Reach - the daily average number of people who saw your pins on Pinterest
  • Clicks - the daily average number of clicks to your website that came from Pinterest
  • Visitors - the daily average number of people who visited your website from Pinterest

Each one of these is a super important number to pay attention to and really gives you a sense of how users are interacting with your website on Pinterest. We especially like the last few numbers. If this doesn't give you a reason to join Pinterest, we don't know what does. You can now see exactly how many people are getting driven to your site. You can even correlate this number with a particular event on your site. Did you publish a new blog post? Update your work section? It will help to reveal trends with your content.

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But you can also choose the other tabs - Most Recent, Most Repinned and Most Clicked - to see the actual images that are performing well. Pinterest-Analytics-Tools-via-New-BreedOur most recent pins on Pinterest[/caption] Another great feature of the Pinterest analytics tool is that you can filter by date. You can start at 30 days, then drill down to 14, then even down to seven. If you notice a spike somewhere along the way, you're able to see exactly what day it happened and the pin that caused the spike. Pretty sweet, huh?

Why does this matter for us as marketers?

Some of you may not be as excited as we are about yet another analytical tool that you have to track and monitor. But trust us, this is one of the easiest ones out there and it really does reveal concrete, actionable data.

Who wouldn't want to know exactly how many people visited your site from a particular social media outlet? Or why one of your most recent posts got way more traction than normal? It could all be because of Pinterest and you wouldn't know unless you looked. Yes you can slice and dice Google Analytics to uncover this trend, but with one click, you've got all this data right in front of you. No slicing and dicing necessary.

We are a visual society. This much we've shared with you before. Since Pinterest is so popular (with millions and millions of users), it's important to keep new, exciting, fresh images on your site so that visitors can pin them. Each blog post should have an associated image. Landing pages should all have images. Calls-to-actions should have images. You want your content to be accessible by the masses and that means making it 'pin-friendly'.

Even if the tool isn't driving a ton of traffic to your site everyday, the sheer reach you could have from one image is incredible. So hop on the bandwagon (if you're not on already) and let's get to pinning!

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