August 29, 2018

New Breed's Success with the HubSpot Chatbot

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New Breed's Success with HubSpot's Chat bot

As a Diamond-tier HubSpot agency partner, New Breed received early access to HubSpot's new chatbot. This gave us the opportunity to test out its functionality and help optimize the product before it went officially went live. Early access also provided the opportunity for us to learn the best practices of a conversational marketing strategy. But, that's not what we're here to talk about today. Instead, we'd like to share with you the great success we've seen in using HubSpot's Chatbot, so you can see how it could benefit your own business.

About Our HubSpot Chatbot

For our debut into conversational marketing, we decided to create a chatbot that would target anonymous visitors on our website. This would enable us to collect information about new visitors without forcing them to convert on a form, and allow us to connect them with helpful and educational information on our site. If a new visitor was super interested in New Breed and the services we offer, our chatbot could also route them to the appropriate SDR and accelerate their buyer's journey.

Our Success with HubSpot's Chatbot Tool

We set our chatbot live in May. In that timeframe, it's interacted with 77 contacts and generated four opportunities. While this may not seem astonishing, consider the fact that lead generation wasn't even the goal for this chatbot. We were more focused on targeting those anonymous visitors in order to learn more and connect them with the appropriate resources. So, having a 5.2% lead-to-opportunity conversion rate happen accidentally is definitely a win for conversational marketing and speaks volumes about its potential.

Speaking of that 5.2% lead-to-opportunity conversion — this year to date, our average lead to opportunity conversion rate is 2.8%. This means our chatbot has been 85.7% more effective at creating opportunities for us! Have we convinced you of the power of conversational marketing yet?

However, don't read this and think that you're incapable of producing stellar results for your own business. Over other forms of lead capture, all chatbots are more aligned with how people actually shop, so our results aren't an anomaly. Consider this: you're browsing through a store, don't immediately see anything you like, walk out of the store and as you're around the corner, the store owner chases you down and encourages you to come back again. How often does that actually occur? It doesn't happen like that in person, so why should it happen on your website?

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Current website marketing is structured to unfold like the above scenario — when in reality, you should be actively engaging with your visitors while they're in your "store". With chatbots and an effective conversational marketing strategy, you can finally encourage that additional conversation, in real time, while you're web visitors are browsing through your site. This increases the likelihood that they'll take your suggested action. It also explains why our own chatbot has been so successful. We're truly meeting people where they are, which is the heart of the inbound methodology.

The Benefits of HubSpot's Chatbot

First, HubSpot has released this incredibly powerful tool as a FREE add-on to your existing platform. So, if you're already on HubSpot, there's really no risk to adding a conversational marketing strategy into your marketing mix — only great reward.

New Breed Success with HubSpot's Chatbot

Second, a built-in tool over a third-party integration will almost alway reign superior. By using HubSpot's own chatbot over an additional integration, the information transfer will be much more seamless and make the handoff process much easier to manage. But most important, HubSpot built this chatbot for use with your existing HubSpot platform. This means there is greater functionality between the two, such as the ability to enter people into a workflow within the chatbot itself and map conversation responses directly to contact properties. All in all, using a chatbot designed for your specific marketing automation platform provides a more robust integration and, in the end, a much better experience.

Last, the user interface of HubSpot's chatbot is pretty similar to other tools on the market, so your website visitors probably won't notice a difference. However, with greater abilities on the backend of HubSpot, your marketers and salespeople will be eternally grateful.

The Future of Our Chatbot and Conversational Marketing Strategy

Of course, we're not going to stop at just one chatbot! The opportunities are endless with an effective conversational marketing strategy that adheres to inbound best practices (ahem, not spamming all of your website visitors just because you now can!).

In the future, we plan on leveraging new chatbots for segmented, more tailored conversations with our known website visitors. After we learn more about a contact, we want to use a specialized chatbot to further nurture them with additional pieces of content to help their specific persona or challenge. For example, once we've learned that a contact is interested in learning more about demand generation, we can start an on-demand conversation with them and encourage them to check out our Essential Guide to Demand Generation rather than offering the same CTA to every single visitor.

Key Takeaways

With the release of HubSpot's Chatbot tool, inbound marketers everywhere have been empowered to truly meet their visitors where they are - and engage with them while they are there. However, as with all new marketing channels, it can be tempting to overuse and push people into engaging with you in this new form. So, remember to follow inbound marketing best practices while structuring your chatbot conversations!

Conversational marketing is a powerful way to enhance your demand generation efforts, unify your marketing and sales teams and drive growth for your company. If you are looking for tips on how you can implement a conversational marketing strategy for your company, download our Beginner's Guide to Conversational Marketing: 

Download the Beginner's Guide to Conversational Marketing

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