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May 13, 2013

New B2B Website Launch: ARA Force Protection

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ARA Force Protection is a commercial security products market entry of Applied Research Associates, located in Randolph Vermont. ARA Force Pro provides a range of security products for both civilians and the military that solve common issues surrounding surveillance and situational awareness. ARA’s Unmanned Systems and Security Products division approached New Breed looking to partner on two exciting projects. The first was to establish a Go-to-Market strategy for what would become the Force Protection sub-brand, and the second was to design and develop a supporting B2B website that would be a lead conversion engine for their online marketing efforts.

The goal of the projects was to position the ARA Force Protection brand as a desirable commodity and help broaden their consumer base by creating a product focused and nimble online platform within their otherwise R&D focused organization.

We began by working closely with the client, taking them through our Streamlined Branding™ workshop. The resulting brand brief clearly defined a new value proposition, market research, insights, and key messaging, and resulted in a road map for commercialization of their product line – an overall concept for a scalable organization to bring other research and IP to the market. The brand brief will also help key stakeholders in the company make educated business decisions for the future, and provide a unified business strategy. The results of this process laid the foundation for the development of the ARA Force Pro brand, as well as their new B2B website.

Our first step was to design a logo for ARA Force Protection, followed by a website that was simple and streamlined, with intuitive navigation. We wanted the site to function so that it would drive ARA’s various buyer personas through the sales funnel, demonstrating that ARA Force Pro was the best solution for them. With a modern look, one that stood out amongst their competition, we positioned ARA as a thought leader and their brand as a valued and trusted entity in their space.

We built this site in WordPress, our preferred CMS platform so that going forward ARA’s local marketing team can easily manage the site as their business grows, new products are introduced, or site visitor data warrants. With the site complete, we also designed print collateral to be used at an important industry tradeshow announcing the brand launch and providing their team with templates for future marketing materials.

The launch of the ARA Force Protection brand was an exciting challenge for our team here at New Breed. You can see the result of our partnership with ARA here: ARA Force Pro

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