July 8, 2014

Measure Your Success With the HubSpot Grader

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HubSpot_GraderAs an Inbound Advisor at New Breed, I qualify leads on a daily basis using a variety of free tools at my disposal. My personal favorite is the HubSpot Grader, the ultimate tool to analyze a website and all of its current marketing .

When a new lead comes to our organization, my first step is to research the company and gauge their digital presence – that is, how strong and impactful they are on the internet.

The Marketing Grader is my go-to tool for a free, quick analysis of all the information pertinent to a company’s digital presence. It is through the use of this tool that I am able to quickly evaluate the business, identify underperforming areas, and use this information to speak directly to how New Breed’s assistance will ultimately improve these areas.

When you assess a company using the HubSpot Grader, the tool breaks the digital presence into five areas:

Blogging: This section focuses on the strength and potential reach of the blog. The tool checks if the website has a blog, and if that blog has an RSS feed. It will check if the blog is linked from the homepage, has social share buttons, a subscription option and email subscription option. A company that has all of these features on the blog has a much wider reach potential than a company that doesn’t.

Social Media: The social media section checks to verify that your website has accounts for Twitter and Facebook. It also confirms if these social profiles are linked to your website's homepage. A company that has these profiles properly linked will have more opportunities to capture leads, engage with end users, and generate brand fans.

Search Engine Optimization: The SEO component provides a brief snapshot at some of the factors essential to maintaining good SEO practices. The tool checks if all of your images have alt tags, if you use page titles without the company name, and if there are unique page descriptions for each page. In addition, the tool brings up a summary of your highest authority links.

Lead Generation : This portion focuses on if your company is using landing pages and forms to generate leads. Next, it looks to see if you have set up a marketing automation and analytics to track your marketing efforts. If you’re already on HubSpot, you’ll get a pass there!

Mobile: The mobile tool provides a snapshot of how your website renders on a mobile device using the responsive design technology.

The best part about the HubSpot Grader tool is that it provides helpful tips and statistics throughout your grading process. Each section uses a checklist to assess each specific marketing aspect of a website. If a company has failed to meet any of the criteria on the checklist, the tool will identify which sections are missing pieces and how to further optimize the selected area.

All in all, HubSpot’s Marketing Grader rocks and gives a super quick and easily digestible summary of your company and how it is performing in comparison to digital presence and website best practices.

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