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Master the Art of a Photo Blog [In Under 100 Words]

Carly Svetlik
Jun 19, 2014 7:00:00 AM  |  Carly Svetlik

Photo_BlogIn a typical blog you share your thoughts, stories and relevant information with your followers. A photo blog allows you to do just that but through photography!

Here’s how: select the platform you want to use for your photo blog, customize it to your design preference, and start promoting it to your current audience.

Text is minimal in a photo blog allowing more attention for your enticing images. This is also a great option for storing your pictures and sharing your business with your followers in a fun way.

Check out Blogger, Tumblr or WordPress to get started!

Have any questions or further tips about a photo blog? Leave a comment so we can continue the conversation!

An Introduction to Business Blogging by New Breed Marketing




Carly Svetlik

This post was written by Carly Svetlik

Carly is an Inbound Marketing Specialist at New Breed. She is dedicated to coordinating inbound campaigns and strategies while ensuring customer success.

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