July 16, 2015

How to Switch from Marketo to HubSpot [Free e-Book]

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Marketing automation can be incredibly complex and your choice of software platform for strategy execution is vital. At the same time, successful marketing automation implementations are crucial for marketers hoping to nurture their leads.

Marketo is a robust platform and many companies have found success using it, but it isn't the right platform for everyone. According to G2Crowd, HubSpot ranked as the best marketing automation software (for several years). If you're already on Marketo, how can you know when it's time to switch?


Marketing automation should be easy to use and intuitive, not confusing and heavy. Thankfully HubSpot has made this possible.

Switching from Marketo to HubSpot

Our team of inbound strategists has helped numerous companies successfully make the switch from Marketo to HubSpot. It can be a lengthy, tedious process, but the end result will have you wondering why you didn't switch earlier.

If you're tackling the process internally, working with outside resources or still just considering making the change, we've compiled what our team learned along each platform migration in our latest e-book, An Introductory Guide to Switching from Marketo to HubSpot.

In this guide, we discuss:

  • The differences between HubSpot and Marketo
  • Feature comparison and functionality (including workarounds and hacks)
  • Detailed road map of how to make the switch from Marketo to HubSpot, including:
    • Discovery
    • Planning and documentation
    • Initial HubSpot setup
    • Campaign and asset migration
    • CRM integration
    • Going live

Making the switch happen at your organization

This e-book will help you and your team make the switch effectively and maintain the uptime of your marketing automation platform to set yourself up for long-term success.

If the process ever becomes too much for your team to handle, we have a team of professionals with proven success that are willing to help. Check out our marketing automation migration page for more details.

Switch from Marketo to HubSpot

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