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March 7, 2014

5 Marketing Tactics to Focus on in 2014

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Maybe it's just us, but doesn't the first day of the new year seem like it was ages ago? Luckily all of us there is still more than enough time to meet our 2014 goals! (You know, those goals you mapped out before you toasted to the new year)

Instead of overwhelming you with pages and pages of different tactics and techniques, we decided to narrow down 5 inbound marketing tactics you should consider focusing on in 2014. One of the goals we have for our business blog is to educate and delight our readers through content that is relevant to helping you develop success and reach your highest potential. When it came to writing this post I came across hundreds of different tactics and techniques that every inbound marketer should be focusing on.

5 Marketing Tactics that are InBOUND to Work!

1. Attract, Convert, Close & Engage With Business Blogging

This tactic is definitely not new to the world of inbound marketing. In fact, we have been encouraging our readers and customers to implement blogging in their inbound strategy for over a year now. Even if you're already blogging we want you to consider this... Are you developing content that aligns with your buyer personas, is your content consistent? Is it remarkable?  After writing content consistently and focusing on what our buyer personas are looking for, we can tell you wholeheartedly that business blogging will increase your customer-base and deliver measurable results. Circling back to a post that our very own Director of Marketing, Alyssa Rimmer, produced back in December - blogging has produced some very impressive results.

To quote her post on the Top 5 B2B Benefits of Blogging:

  • We've seen over 2x the amount of traffic
  • We've seen an 5x increase in leads
  • Our conversion rates have steadily increased each month
  • And we're ranking higher in search engines

We believe in practicing what we preach, we have also experienced first-hand how time-consuming blogging can be, especially when you want to stay consistent. At New Breed, we are very fortunate to have a talented team that is eager to lend a helping hand to produce content for our blog. Clients of course come first, but we work as a team to enhance our online presence and educate our readers. It's without question that a team effort is what truly brings us success and delights our prospects and customers. 

To start emulating a similar strategy, we recommend inviting different members of your team to produce content that aligns with their specific position/role. Just think of it in these terms, no one is going to articulate the importance of SEO in a more knowledgeable fashion than your SEO Analyst and no one knows the value of business blogging like your Marketing Specialist or Copywriter

2. Knowledge Is Power

Since we were children, we have been learning the value and importance of education. From colors and shapes to more pressing subjects like advanced marketing and web development. My point here is that education really never stops, regardless of the subject or difficulty matter, it has always been something we have considered to be extremely important and of value.

Consider this when planning out your next customer engagement campaign or blog post - how can you truly educate your reader or customer? 

Educating your prospect or customer through content, workshops or on upcoming products / services can be one of the best tactics you can leverage for 2014 and beyond. Circling back to the beginning of this point, education has never really slowed down. It continues to prove value and importance in our lives - We have all pushed off studying or couldn't wait for a class to be over, but no matter what, education is something our society will always come back to. Think of this when educating your prospects and customers with innovative ideas - Expand their horizon and provide them with something that encourages them to think deeper about your business offers. Positioning your product/service and/or content in a new light can give your prospects and customers a refreshing new take on your business, ultimately keeping them engaged and coming back for more!

3. Review Your Website & Online Marketing

What may have worked for 2012 no longer applied to 2013. With this in mind, take some time to review your current website and online marketing. We truly believe that your website should be your best salesperson. Is it attracting visitors? Better yet, is it attracting the right type of visitors? This is essential to your success; if your website doesn't provide a seamless conversion path for your visitors, the chances of your business gaining quality leads will be much smaller than a website that is easy to navigate and has clear conversion paths.

If your website isn't already optimized for mobile devices, laptops, tablets, etc., consider how much your website and your business as a whole can benefit from switching over to a responsive design. If your website is optimized for every device your prospects engage on, the better chance you'll have of converting traffic into leads, leads into customers and so on. For more on the power of responsive design, visit this post developed by our very own VP of Creative, Christopher Mathieu, featured on HubSpot Insiders.

Circling back to the beginning of our post, content is king and the best way to enhance the marketing on your website. Use high-level messaging to attract your visitors and leads to your content offers (don't forget to use CTAs!) Be consistent with your blog and stay relevant to your buyer personas. In essence, everything on your website should be working together to position your business for success and provide a seamless experience for your visitors.

4. Unify Your Marketing + Sales Team

Do you work at a company with a marketing and sales team that doesn't talk strategy? Well, it's time we break the barrier between marketing + sales and unify both skill sets for the ultimate inbound marketing success.

At New Breed, our biggest competitive advantage is our team, not only are we well-versed and consistent with our content, but we are savvy in both technology and B2B marketing + sales. What sets us apart from the competition is that we have gone beyond the divider that was once placed between marketing and sales and unified both teams for the success of the business and our customers. 

So why exactly should our teams be unified?....

  1. The messages and approach you convey to your prospects should align with both the marketing and sales team. Although both teams offer information about the business in different ways, ultimately your messaging needs to be matched.
  2. Where did your leads come from, better yet, what are they looking at. Are they interested in blog posts? Premium content offers? What topics intrigue them? These are questions you need to know the answer to, if your sales team is managing your leads they need to be communicating all the important information surrounding your lead to the marketing team.
  3. Think of how powerful your business could become if you became an integrated team. Consistent brainstorming meetings, analyzing challenges and ways to increase company revenue. When the expertise of both teams come together the potential is endless.

5. Track Your Efforts

How often do you track your efforts? Maybe you weigh in bi-weekly to see if you're meeting your fitness goals or maybe you check in every month or so to ensure you're living up to your new years resolutions. Whatever it may be, it's important to be sure you are meeting your goals.

This is especially true for reaching your fullest inbound potential. Besides using landing pages, calls-to-action and HubSpot to track your marketing efforts and campaigns, start thinking of ways you can pull your team together to talk strategy and results. At New Breed, we value team meetings and while they are a great way to bond as a team they are also a great way to bring in insight from every department. How is the content going? How is the sales going? How about the web development process? - While some of the process may be seamless, one other part of the marketing process could use improvement. Meeting as a team is a great way to talk through strengths and weaknesses and ultimately grow the be a powerful inbound marketing company!

What marketing tactics will you start implementing or have you started using in 2014? Share with us in a comment below!

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