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November 5, 2013

5 Of The Top Marketing Challenges: Identified and Solved

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Every business professional can identify at least one strength and weakness, but it’s all about how you use this information to discover your greatest marketing potential. Take a moment to focus on one of your marketing challenges – perhaps its search engine optimization, lead generation or creating clear, concise, valuable content.

No matter what your obstacle may be, we are here to help you look on the bright side! There is a way to harness your greatest marketing challenge and turn it into one of your most impressive skills.

Here are some of the most common challenges we come across:

#1 - Finding the Time to Create Valuable Content 

You manage multiple schedules, have approaching deadlines, and back to back meetings. On top of it all you want to increase revenue and generate traffic with an online content blog. – How can you find the time?! Content creation doesn’t need to be as intimidating as it sounds… You may already have the perfect topic right on your desktop.

Look through any eBooks, guides or case studies your company has produced; these will make for great topics on your blog! Ensuring consistency is just as important as creating valuable content – Create a blog editorial calendar to stay organized and constant with your content. Pull your team together and take turns developing content, that way it’s not always up to you to make sure it is developed and published.

#2 - Generating Quality Leads

Every marketer wants to generate leads, but it requires effort and dedication. Before you can begin generating leads, you first need to determine how you will attract them to your company.  I can’t stress this enough, it’s all about creating an initial interest, and focusing on the right mediums in order to receive the highest return. How do we accomplish this? – Determine which social networks your audience is using, and be there. Examine your content - is your company blogging? Is your content relevant to your audience? These will all start building awareness and filing the top of your funnel.

Once you have created awareness, you can start to nurture those visitors into leads.

#3 - Your Competitor Has a Stronger SEO Presence

We always want to be one step ahead of the competition, but instead of trying to beat them at their own game, why not use SEO tools to your advantage. First try alternative keywords that can bring in the same audience, that way you’ll be seen on many different searches. Create news, blog posts and tweets that trigger algorithms, this will help you get ahead of the first “organic” result. These efforts will improve your SEO presence and ultimately gain a competitive lead against your competitor.

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#4 - Keeping up with Marketing Trends

Information overload anyone? It can be extremely challenging trying to keep up with the large flow of information and emerging trends, so how do we pick and choose? Start simplifying content by setting up Google alerts for your name, company name, industry keywords and the competition. This you'll see daily updates for things that relate directly to your business. It can spark ideas for new blog posts or serve as great social media messages. If you just rely on social networking to deliver news and trend updates (which many business do), we recommend using services such as TweetdeckHootsuite or HubSpot's Social Inbox. These tools help you filter out unwanted information so you can jump right to the good stuff.

#5 - Using Your Social Media Platforms Effectively

Using social media to generate leads and nurture your customers can be extremely complex, but today we want to help simplify things. You know you should be leveraging social media, but do you know how to use it? First things first, if you’re going to engage on social media then you need to be interacting! Creating a page that just sits there, is more useless than a page that doesn’t exist. Your social media page needs to be targeting, engaging, nurturing and ultimately generating quality leads. You’ll master social media platforms if you focus on developing posts that are tailored to your audience – your posts don’t even necessarily need to be company updates or news, it can reflect the company mission or share articles from relevant companies.

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