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December 24, 2014

Holiday Wind Down: Top Articles to Read During Your Break

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I don't know about you, but I am pretty darn happy the year is finally coming to a close. Not because the year is over, but that another is beginning. I've been busy reading so many great blogs, I'm full of ideas and ready to press the gas...hard.

With the holidays here, most of us (thankfully) have the next couple days off. Aside from taking this opportunity to reconnect with loved ones, spend some time pampering and enriching yourself. 

My gift to you this holiday season is a wonderful list of the best articles the New Breed team has been reading, discussing and leveraging. In the words of our brilliant designer/developer Pete, "The hose of knowledge has been unkinked; prepare to be blasted!"


Why Social Selling Needs To Be In Your Organization 
"Oftentimes marketing professionals don't know how to make social engrained in the sales process, so that it is a predictable part of how your company go to marketing."

7 Customer Support Hacks to Increase Sales, Build Better Customer Relationships, and Grow Your Business
"Increasing customer retention rates by 5% can increase business profits by 25 % to 95%."

Sell to Large and Enterprise Businesses Using This 16 Point Checklist
"You never actually sell anything to a business. You sell to people who work inside a business. The relationship you hold with your potential customer is what tips the scale, either in your favor or against."

12 Top Sales Training Companies Share Their Best Tips
"As a sales rep, you have two objectives with your customer: create value and build trust."

Case Studies

100 Conversion Optimized Case Studies
Looking for techniques to optimize your website for better conversions? Look no further!

Webinar: How to Improve Your Agency Process: An Inside Look at Gravitate
Don Elliot and the Gravitate team share their methodology for developing and improving processes to benefit both the agency and their clients.


The 4 Killer Marketing Mistakes Your SaaS Business Is Making
"Mistakes that wouldn’t happen in a smaller scale startup can happen at an established company, because there’s more money than time, too many stakeholders on any given decision, or just because 'that’s the way things have always been done.'"

5 Smart Marketing Predications for 2015 that All CMOs Should Know About
"CMOs and marketing directors need to have their eye on new opportunities if they want to be innovative."

Something Like Democratic Marketing
"It's never been easier for other people to write about brands, to create breathtaking personal tributes to our products, to call out our worst policies, and even slander us. The crowds have snatched the megaphone and they won't give it back."

6 Ways an Empathy Map Can Make Your Headlines Even Sexier
Empathy Map: "A tool that allows your team to join the conversation that is going on inside your customer's heart."

Content Creation

Content Marketing Fortnight IV: Some content marketing insecurity
"Go ahead and curate content, but - by all means - attribute the source and don't plagiarize it."

The Future of Content Part 3: with Richard Becker
"The future of content marketing isn't marketing content."

Why Context Marketing is Nothing New
"If you're not already a context marketer, you need to ask yourself what kind of marketer you've been so far."


Implementing Customer Experience as an Organizational Value
"Putting CS at the core of an organization's operations transcends simply changing a few processes or conducting more customer surveys. It requires a new, customer-focused mindset."

Why Don't You Have a Write in Your UX Team?
"We tend to see web writing as the creation of slabs of text to go on a page, or the repurposing of slabs of text to better suit a new design. Writers write email and calls-to-action and ebooks and posts and articles. But they don't write products."

25 More Impressive Video Background Website to Amaze You
"Designing a site does not mean you have to create static experience only, websites are not printed products."

Turning Design Ideas into Reality: Brainstorming, Wireframing, Prototyping
This post can help you understand the process of turning design ideas into workable prototypes, but that's just the beginning.

Best Practices for Creating Fullscreen Website Backgrounds
"Best practices are in constant long as a website is functional and the background content adds to the overall message then you're on the right track."


Illustrated Guide to Advanced On-Page Topic Targeting for SEO
"As content creators, how we organize words on a page greatly influences how search engines determine the on-page topics."

How We Got Over Our Fear of SEO and Improved Conversions 20% in the Process
"This is how we (Groove), as a startup that was going literally nothing for SEO, began to build a foundation to increase organic search traffic to our marketing site."

How SEO Fits In With Marketing Goals, Design, Aesthetics, and Website Functionality
"Think of SEO this way: If a customer-focused content marketing program is the sandwich, then SEO is the mayonnaise. It touches nearly everything and enhances the overall flavor of the sandwich, but on its own, it's not very appetizing."

Customer Success

Customer Development for Startups: What I Learned Talking to 500 Customers in 4 Weeks
"You can, and should, dig deep into your metrics to spot the weak points. You can, and should, ask the smart people around you for advice. You can, and should, test new tactics and approaches to improve."

How Customer Success Meaningfully Reduces Cost of Customer Acquisition
"But great customer success organizations can meaningfully impact another critical part of the customer lifecycle, customer acquisitions, by catalyzing evangelists to refer new customers."

What'd you think of these posts? Let us know below!




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