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April 25, 2012

Introducing the Jerboa 5.0

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Having been involved in web development for over a decade now, it sometimes amazes me how much has changed. Both in terms of what's possible with the front end but maybe even more so, how refined the content management systems (CMS') have become. This got me thinking about the milestones we've passed as a company and why we're calling this latest package the "Jerboa 5.0". So without further ado, here's a brief history of New Breed Marketing's web platforms named after our crafty little mascot the Jerboa.

A brief history of New Breed's web offerings

2002 - Jerboa 1.0 (HTML)

The very first web solution we offered to our clients as a young company were well designed but simple HTML sites. Their only "special" functionality was being able to capture leads via simple forms that usedCGI to generate emails. Since the sites were authored in plain HTML all updates had to be done by a web developer (though we DID train some our more brave clients on basic HTML so that they co do some upkeep on their own).

2003 - Jerboa 2.0 (PHP and JavaScript)

The next era of websites were built inPHP and JavaScript so that we could do things like dynamic includes, form processing, and other features basic scripting provides. The sites were not database driven but rather made up of individual files that could then be managed using Adobe Contribute. Though fairly limited, clients loved the simplicity Contribute provided by giving them an environment similar to Microsoft Word in which to manage their site content.

2005 - Jerboa 3.0 (Various Open Source CMS')

For the next era of websites, we moved away from Adobe Contribute (primarily because it was Desktop based and proprietary) and into using open source content management systems. Specifically we usedJoomla,Drupal, andWordPress (though only for blogs at the time) depending on our clients' needs and preferences. Fully moving to the LAMP (Linux, Apache,MySQL, andPHP) stack enabled a brave new world for both us and our clients.

2010 - Jerboa 4.0 (WordPress 3)

With the release ofWordPress 3.0 and its wealth of new features, New Breed namedWordPress as its primary content management system for both regular websites and for blogs. This was decided based on the fact that our clients seemed to prefer the back-end ofWordPress over the others and because we foundWordPress more efficient to develop sites with.

2012 - Jerboa 5.0 (WordPress 3.3)

By focusing on one platform we were able to create a complete business website package with a whole slew of new features available to our clients such as automated backup & restore, seo/analytics controls, drag and drop form generation, and much more. To learn more about our new package please download our PDF here.

The Future…

With HTML5 and other open source technologies becoming more and more present it's hard to even imagine where we'll be in another 10 years' time. I, for one, am excited for the ride. If you are a fellow developer or agency that's landed on LAMP and WordPress as your go to solution, we'd love to hear your story.




About The Author

Christopher Mathieu is the Chief Product Officer at New Breed, where he oversees the creative strategy behind every project we produce. His unique ability to combine his fine art background with his technical web expertise, has led Chris and his team to produce countless sales-ready websites and inbound marketing collateral that actually drive results. His passion is to educate and empower our clients to think more strategically about their inbound marketing needs.

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