May 28, 2014

A Look Inside the Inbound Sales Process

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No two customers are the same, but at the end of the day they fall into the same inbound process here at New Breed. When New Breed made the switch to focus primarily on inbound marketing, our first goal was to nail down a process that could be universally applied to all prospects. 

The result is a linear process that remains consistent regardless of how far you are down the process or your experience with inbound marketing. 

At New Breed, we have a four step inbound sales process. The process is depicted in the infographic below, and I will provide more detail about the variety of tools and strategies in place at each step of the process. 
The Inbound Marketing Sales Process



The Attract stage has the fewest layers to it, yet at the same time is the engine that drives any inbound-focused organization. A business without leads is a dying business, and the whole goal of inbound is to attract organic, qualified leads.

As with any inbound strategy, we focus heavily on our personas to generate content that they want to see. Starting with a keyword strategy, we determine which keywords we want to optimize in our content and blogs. This is highly dependent on knowing the keywords your buyer personas will be searching for. Next, we share this content through various networks and social platforms, maximizing the reach of our message. Once readers become more familiar with our brand and subscribe to our blog, we now classify them as a visitor.


The next step is where we aim to turn our visitors into leads. When visitors begin to read over our content, it doesn’t go unnoticed, thanks to HubSpot! However, just reading blogs doesn’t mean they have a real chance to become a customer, they must first download a content offer from our website. Once they have consented to a download, they are now entered into a Buyers Funnel. The Buyers Funnel has a series of downloads (top, middle, and bottom) that users must go through before they become a qualified lead. The goal of having these levels in place is to weed out the good leads from the unqualified leads.

We have established a buyers funnels in alignment with each specific persona we have defined. Case studies, whitepapers and e-books, call-to-actions, persona driven navigation and architecture, conversion paths, workflows and email campaigns are all tools that are essential to the Convert stage. When these tools are used properly, we can turn a website into a lead generation and a lead conversion machine. This is what we like to call the sales-ready website.


Once we have some leads; it’s time to close them. Thanks to HubSpot, every interaction a lead has with our website is documented in their digital profile. We call this their digital body language. Someone who reached the bottom of the funnel and read all our case studies is more likely to be a customer than someone who never came back after downloading the top of funnel offer. It’s not rocket science, but it’s a science nonetheless.

When leads get to this stage, we have a variety of offers available – depending on which buyer funnels they entered into – to help get them over the hill. Our primary offer tends to be our free website/inbound website analysis. This is a service we only offer to bottom of the funnel leads. Our assessments focus on identifying areas in need of improvement on the website to better optimize for inbound marketing efforts. The goal here is to give the prospect enough information that they realize how essential it is to have a well-structured persona-driven website that is optimized for inbound marketing.


Once a lead becomes a customer you can’t sit back and chalk it up as a win. Now that they are a customer, the next step is to turn them into brand ambassadors. More specifically, we want to continue engaging with someone who has had a great experience and would highly recommend us to another person in their network. Whether it be through social media or word of mouth, having happy customers willing to spread the good word about your company can only be a positive outcome.

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