September 26, 2014

Innovative Insights from Inbound 2014

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Innovative_Insights_BlogOver a week later and the New Breed team still can't get over the incredible experience we had at HubSpot's, INBOUND 2014 (and I'm sure we're not alone). With 6 Keynote presentations, 180 sessions and evenings packed with good beer and even better company, we came back to Vermont energized (despite the 96-hour day, essentially).

Okay, I'll stop bragging now because I know not everyone was able to attend. If you're one of the many who missed out, I highly recommend marking your calendars and save the date for INBOUND 2015, being hosted in the Boston Convention Center from September 8-11.

And for those who weren't able to attend, today we want to bring INBOUND 2014 to you. Just because you weren't able to physically be there, doesn't mean you should have to be excluded from all the innovative and insightful ideas and tidbits shared at INBOUND. While many folks have been recapping what was discussed - we want to bring you quotes of those that inspired us the most!

No more moping over not being able to hang out with us at INBOUND (just kidding) and embrace the knowledge of today's marketing + sales experts. 

We bring to you eight of the greatest ideas we gathered from INBOUND 2014.

We also have compiled the best marketing insights and advice from Inbound 2014. You can find them here.
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