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November 8, 2013

5 Steps to Becoming Popular with Information Marketing

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Information-Marketing-wins-FansIt’s something we have wanted since the first day of kindergarten – popularity. After all these years we are still searching for it. Why do we long for popularity? Well, it’s simple really! In school you wanted a fan club, lots of friends, a likable appearance and attitude. Well inbound marketing is a lot like the popularity contest you fought for in high school – you are looking to develop an interest, generate followers and create “likable content” – see a pattern?

For all you marketers still trying to get into the inbound “cool club,” us New Breeders (we aren’t cliquey, we promise) want to help you get popular with your inbound marketing tactics and strategies! Today, we are counting down the 5 steps you need to be taking to become popular.

5. To be Cool You Need Strategy

If you have ever moved to a new school or started a new job where you just felt completely out of place you may relate to what we have to say next. Remember jumping into a conversation you felt confident in, only to find out you totally missed the point and people started to stare at you in confusion. That’s exactly what will happen if you try to create content that is no longer relevant or even worse – in the wrong place! This is where content strategy comes into play. Content strategy applies to creating, editing and publishing in order to drive engagement online. Develop a strategy that filters out any irrelevant content and determine the optimal place for your audience.

With proper strategy you will be fully prepared next time you jump into a conversation and you’ll be attracting friends (visitors / leads) in no time!

4. Entertain Your Readers

People are attracted to people (or content) that entertains! You weren’t "too cool for school" for being boring, right? Same goes for your website, social networks and other sources of content. Entertain your readers!

  • Create a fun headline
  • Publish blog posts when your readers are awake and caffeinated (no one is going to see or read your content at 7AM or 11PM)
  • Spark a conversation with the people taking the time to comment on your post
  • Write about relevant content
  • Change up your format with infographics, videos, photos and other fun visual content

3. People LOVE Social Media

It’s pretty obvious how obsessed the public is with social media, from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter and even Tumblr – people love that social media stuff. Before you sign up with every network stop and think about this – Does my audience use this platform? If not, don’t waste your time. Instead, focus on developing about three strong social media platforms that your buyer personas use and engage in.

Once you have determined which platforms you need to engage in – start promoting your social media presence – on your website, blog, print advertising, business cards and email marketing messages. If you engage in every possible opportunity, you won’t miss an opportunity – it’s as simple as that.

Add social sharing buttons to all of your content. Don’t give your visitors a chance to miss out when you add social sharing buttons in every possible place. “By evangelizing your audience to share your content, you’ll have better potential to reach a broader audience that extends beyond your direct network of fans and followers. And those people like the content that their friends are sharing with them; they may be inclined to become direct followers of you, too!” (Thanks HubSpot for the great advice, as always).

One more notable thing we would like to include about social media relates to capturing leads on Facebook. Use a call-to-action in your cover photos – We always talk about including call-to-action pages on EVERY page of your website, well why stop there? We want to thank Facebook for removing a clause from their guidelines that prohibits users from using calls-to-action on Facebook pages. This new change allows for so many new opportunities for capturing leads. Grab your design team and create a compelling image to go with your remarkable content.

2. Did Someone Say Free?!

Okay marketers, let’s be real… Who doesn’t love FREE stuff? Well, so does your visitors, leads and customers. So fluff em’ up with free stuff! Attract traffic to your site with contests and promotions on your blog, website and / or social media platforms. Convert visitors into leads with a downloadable FREE whitepaper. Close those leads with a series of emails that will help them become ready to buy, why not include something free in there too. Engage these leads with a free analysis or a fun giveaway. When these small inbound tactics come into play, you’ll become popular in no time!

1. It's Called Information Marketing for a Reason

People want what they don't have – it’s a proven fact! – So why not deliver topics and content that your viewers are actually curious about? Positioning your content to provide exclusive and original information to entice visitors, drive traffic and ultimately keep them returning your site for NEW information. Just like the "cool kids" in school, new content is original, exclusive and way ahead of the competition.

We want to hear from you! How are you staying popular in the inbound marketing world?!

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