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April 30, 2014

How to Increase Your Office Work Productivity in 4 Easy Steps!

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shutterstock_120599884-1Marketers are always looking to get more for their money; and I'm not talking about actual cash. I am talking about accomplishing more out of the work day. 

You know… Productivity. Ah yes. Now before you get out your to-do list; let us start by setting one thing straight. There is a huge difference between cramming more tasks into your already busy schedule and being productive. Instead of stressing yourself out and causing a domino effect in the office, try increasing your productivity by working smarter.

Let's take a look at how you can increase office work productivity:

Step 1. Establish a Comfortable Space

The trend in office space design today is an open-concept. This has been adopted by wildly successful companies (like Facebook) and has been proven to be a great way to increase office communication. 

We love our cubical free office space over here at New Breed, but that doesn’t mean that we haven’t taken some steps to make it a comfortable, productive work environment for every member of our team.

Here are a couple of easy steps you can take for switching up your office environment. 

  • Arrange office furniture to give the illusion of having a private space. Placing tables next to desks and tucking others against walls can help create a sense of privacy and block out distractions.
  • Allow employees to listen to music on their headphones to block out office noise.
  • Set up comfortable seating and large tables in different areas of the office. This is where you can meet as a group to collaborate and brainstorm. It doesn’t hurt to have this be in a separate room for privacy reasons and also so your meetings will not be distracting to the rest of the staff working in the office.

Step 2. Organize the Office

Spring has sprung, so jump on the spring-cleaning bandwagon and tidy up the workplace. Start with removing any unnecessary clutter, shredding duplicate files and organizing your space. Having a clean, organized space limits distractions and keeps you focused on the tasks at hand. 

Removing the clutter can help you to locate things you may need that day or in the future, keeping you more productive and not distracted from ruffling through unnecessary papers.

In addition to your personal space, an inbox cleanup can really help to boost your productivity. After all, there is no reason to have 178 open emails taking up space in your inbox. Create folders and subfolders for clients and consider this: the only emails in your inbox should be ones that require actions; all others should be deleted, forwarded or filed.

Just like your physical work area, your cyber workspace should be keep organized as well. Clear out extra files on your computer, file things in the appropriate folders and keep what you use frequently a click away.

Step 3. Plan Your Day

You’re probably thinking, I do plan my day

But honestly what does it mean to plan out your day? Is it having a structured to-do list? Do you have a few scheduled conference calls or client visits?

Well, we are here to tell you that there is a more structured way to planning out each work day! Begin by timing your work projects so you have a better sense of how long each task takes for you to accomplish. Then break up larger tasks into smaller projects (if possible) and make a plan for each task. When are you going to accomplish it? Establishing a due-date will really help to motivate you.

Your productivity at work will increase when you don't have to think about what you should be doing next. Productivity will also increase when you're on a schedule that allows you to get tasks done more efficiently.  

Make sure you are scheduling time for emails and phone calls. If you can, turn off email notifications and (if you think it's necessary) write a quick agenda for each email and call so nothing gets forgotten when you respond.

Step 4. Increase Morale in Employees

A happy worker is a good worker.

Here are a few ideas you can start implementing to boost employee morale. After all, a boosted morale increases work productivity!

  • Plan fun outside work events for your employees. While it can be expensive to treat each employee to a fun event, it can greatly reduce work-related stress, boost morale and build relationships.
  • Recognize good work within the office with email shout-outs, bonuses or a verbal acknowledgement.
  • Set up employees for success! If you just learned about a new software program that will make everyone’s job easier, look into it and consider getting it for the office.
  • Encourage feedback! Asking your employees about how things are working for them is the best way to encourage two-way communication. When your employees feel like they are a part of the team they will feel happier, and more motivated at work.

What have you done in your office to increase the workplace productivity? Share with us in a comment below!

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