April 2, 2014

5 Ways Business Blogging Can Increase Your Productivity

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Okay so we may be a little 'trigger happy' with our blog-focused posts. From Top 5 Sales Blogs to How to Convert a Blog Subscriber ... and so on. But what you may or may not know already is that creating content for your business blog can actually increase productivity. Now, I may be a little biased when it comes to developing content, I am a copywriter after all; but in today's post we will delve a little deeper on the subject matter and hey, who knows, maybe you'll discover a whole new level of love for your business blog! 

Content is at the Heart of your Business

I know many people who write content for a living and one of the biggest things I hear time and time again is that procrastination is something that is a reoccurring battle. As content creators we are always researching new trends and tricks to attract our audience to our content. As a result, it's easy to get lost in another blog or recent article. The important thing to note here is as tempting as it is to delve into other content it's more important to get creative and develop content to tempt others. 

So how do we move past the procrastination and turn to blogging to rev up our productivity? Here are 5 ways Business Blogging is going to Increase your Productivity:

1. Blogs Are a Great Resource

Need some support with an upcoming blog post? Refer to one that has already been created! For example, if you're looking to develop a future post on How to Attract Your Ideal Buyer Persona, maybe refer to a blog post like 5 Ways to Improve Content: Writing Blog Posts that are Fun to Read. We like to engage with our readers through posts that are educational and fun. So if we are looking to attract traffic to our business blog we will want to use every opportunity possible to convert them into leads. 

If you can refer to an older blog post for reference you can cut down your research time. Find one that you have created and are familiar with and you'll probably cut your research time down by half, if not more. Now that's increased productivity!

2. Say it With Me, "Routine"

I don't know about you, but it's really hard not to fall into a routine. From a consistent work schedule to weekly fitness classes and a Friday night out to catch up with friends (however, I promise my life is a little bit more exciting than a routine). So how does this relate to business blogging, better yet, how does this relate to productivity? Think about it this way, when we are consistent with our blog posts we will build a routine. For example, if you're serious about blogging like we are, we constantly refer to our editorial calendar and utilize a spreadsheet to post ideas on keywords and potential blog topics. Staying on track = more blog posts, more blog posts = an increased opportunity for reaching our buyer personas.

If you have a guide to refer to you're going to stay on track with your deadlines and ultimately have more time for that lunchtime yoga class or a head start on your latest project.

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3. No Rules

Take away the rules and things get chaotic right? Well content isn't kindergarten so that's not always the case. I remember back in college how liberating it was when we had a "free write." No restrictions, no rules, just whatever came to mind. Think of how much more motivated you would be if you were able to write about whatever you want. For example, while still staying relevant to B2B and marketing I am able to play with different topics.

I am very lucky because I have free-reign on our business blog as long as it's relevant and relates to our business. At New Breed we develop content that focuses on social media, creating content, SEO, web design, inbound marketing, sales; you know... Topics that pertain to our business. 

Think of this tip next time you're coming up with your next blog post. Find something interesting that pertains to your business and write about it. When I select a topic that is relevant to our business I get into the flow and have fun with the posts. So not only am I creating high-level copy for our blog but I am also having fun, on a roll with the keyboard and cruising through the content development process; ultimately producing more blogs, more frequently. That my friends, is called being productive.

4. Get Social with your Blog Posts

If you aren't already posting a path to your blog posts on your social networks then shame on you! Don't worry, although i'm scolding you (just a little bit) there is still time to incorporate this into your blogging best practices.

If you're active on social media then you should be posting every post to these networks. Not only will this increase your activity on social media but it also gives your audience another chance to see your latest blog post! You know that old saying, "kill two birds with one stone," well yeah, we just did that.

5. Knowledge is Power

So this may sound a bit nerdy, but truth is i love education. Now, I haven't always been that way. I have caught senioritis, once in high-school and once in college. But hey, now I can't get enough! I am always looking for new ways to improve my content development process, how to be a better inbound marketer and ways to get more creative. How do I do that? Through education. Digging deep into educational articles from professional, savvy marketers. So how does education relate to productivity?...

Your blogs can be used as a very powerful resource, not only for your own reference (circle back to tip #1) but start leveraging it as proof to your content abilities. Since we live in a digital world and the value of content is becoming more and more powerful; a lot of the times businesses are attracting new clients / customers through their business blog. Yes, your business blog should be educational, informative, smart, and "sexy." More now than ever potential clients / customers are looking at what you have to offer before they even speak to you. So leverage the hard work and creativity you dedicate to your business blog as a way to prove to your potential customers that you produce value.

In addition, your business blog can also be used as an educational resource for your interns and / or new hires. It allows them to see how you write, what you produce and how you do it. It takes a while to develop a "voice" for your business blog, so it's important that every person on your team is able to convey that when they start to develop content for your blog.

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