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July 9, 2015

Inbound Recruiting: How to Source, Interview and Hire Talent

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Last year we launched 52 new websites. That's almost one website a week! If there's one thing we noticed along the way, it's that companies chronically underinvest in the recruiting side of their digital presence. It is time to think about your recruiting funnel in the same way you think of your lead-generation funnel. There is no better way to do this than by using your existing inbound processes and methodologies to scale your hiring funnel. We like to call this inbound recruiting.

By using HubSpot to capture your recruiting information at the top of the funnel, you can nurture candidates through the funnel from recruits to new hires just as you would with leads. You can also make better decisions about who will be the best employees for your organization over the long term.

In this presentation, given at HubSpot Partner Day, I lay out the key framework and processes that New Breed has used to grow its agency into one of HubSpot's premier Diamond Tier partners.

Using Inbound Recruiting to Source, Interview and Hire New Talent 


Here's the presentation for your reference. To download, visit here.


New Breed has used this same inbound recruiting framework to hire 17 new employees and more than 20 interns, while recognizing only a 4-percent rate in volunteer turnover. I am a huge proponent of applying this inbound-first methodology to hiring and look forward to seeing how this emerging trend develops and grows over the coming months and years. 


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Patrick Biddiscombe is the CEO of New Breed. He also spearheads our inbound best practices, and his background and skills in sales and inbound strategy has contributed immensely to the success of New Breed and our customers' growth.

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