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July 8, 2013

5 Techniques for Better Inbound Lead Management

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At the end of the day, all of your inbound marketing efforts exist in order to turn prospects into customers. As leads enter the top of your sales funnel, it's important to manage these leads effectively. We want to show you a few techniques that will help you employ better lead management strategies, while also driving more revenue by helping to ensure the success of your inbound marketing campaign. Here's 5 techniques to increase your conversion rates and drive leads down the funnel.

1. Lead scoring 

We’ve already talked about lead scoring, but we cannot emphasize enough the power this tool brings to your inbound marketing efforts. By putting a system in place that clearly outlines prospect behaviors that are important to both your marketing and sales teams and mark the point when one becomes a marketing-qualified lead, you can end conflict between these two groups. Marketers and salespeople can also clearly prioritize which leads should garner the most attention and follow up, and clearly define the various lifecycle stages of the buyer's journey.

2. Segmented lists 

The sheer amount of data that's readily available to marketers can be overwhelming and it's only useful if you can properly analyze it. By segmenting all of this data into lists, you can empower your marketing efforts and drive your company forward. Tools like HubSpot allow marketers to slice and dice lead data nearly any way imaginable. Do you want to know which prospects engaged with multiple offers but have not returned to your website in the last month? That list is only a few clicks away. Not only that, but that list might be a great prospect for our next technique…

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3. Continued engagement 

Continued customer engagement is an important aspect of your business, but so is continued engagement with leads. Just because a lead downloaded your top of funnel offer but didn't move into the middle of the funnel doesn't mean you should forget about them entirely. Instead, continue to present this lead with relevant content over time. Just because a lead wasn't sales ready at the time of their initial conversion, doesn't mean they never will. Don't give up on them.

4. Smart CTAs 

Once a prospect has engaged with one of your offers, what purpose does it serve to show the same top of funnel offer to that prospect again? The answer is none. Instead, help nurture that lead by presenting a different, middle of the funnel offer that will build off their previous engagement and continue to educate them about the topic and relevant solutions that your organization has to offer. With tools like HubSpot and their Smart CTAs, you can do just that. You can serve up different calls-to-action based on how a prospect has already engaged with your content. Essentially, you're tailoring their website experience to their individual needs. Can you see how powerful that is?

5. Effective Form Strategy With Smart Forms

Use form fields to continue to gathering pertinent information about your leads. If you already know a certain piece of important information, instead of asking for it again (which can get on their nerves), ask for a new piece of information that will continue to help you score, segment or sell to that lead. Our recommended best practice is to only ask for the minimum amount of information you need in order to actually sell to that lead in their current lifecycle stage.

By integrating these 5 techniques into your lead management strategy, you'll see a dramatic increase in your conversion rates. If you need help developing lead scoring criteria, improving your lifecycle marketing efforts, implementing smart content or creating an effective form strategy, download our all-encompassing guide on inbound marketing:

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