July 25, 2016

Supercharge Your Inbound Lead Generation with One Easy Strategy

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So you're launching a brand new website or just redesigning an existing one. Awesome! If you're working with a savvy Inbound partner, you may even be building the site using user driven design (sometimes referred to as Growth Driven Design) techniques. That methodology, which draws elements from process frameworks in agile development and customer development, helps you make iterative changes to your site based on hypotheses.

Whether or not you're using GDD, redesigning or just managing an existing site, the Inbound methodology is still the same. Sadly, often times when new website launches do occur, some of the most fundamental steps of Inbound marketing are missed. Read on to learn about the steps that everybody is missing and nobody thinks or talks about when developing and launching a sales-ready website built for lead generation.

The Quintessential Component to Inbound Lead Generation

Premium Content Offers

In addition to consistent blogging, social media promotion and email nurturing, developing and featuring educational premium content offers on your website is one of the most important aspects of Inbound marketing. These premium content offers, or PCOs, can be e-books, whitepapers, guides, checklists... any asset that is specifically written and built to address one of your persona's pain points and help educate them on the topic.

These content pieces can be used as gated materials to help capture important lead information from those requesting to download it. It's also important to remember that these content offers should not be about your company or why you're great, but instead about topics that are important to your target audience and provide information on something they're trying to learn more about or solve.

Your PCOs can be housed on your site in a "Resources" center so visitors know where to look to find them, in addition to being promoted out via email and social channels. This important part of your Inbound strategy is very often missed, and many marketers launch their new sites with very few, if any, downloadable, gated, educational resources.

Conversion Points

Where these PCOs really come into play is as conversion points on your relevant blog posts or site pages. If you're doing Inbound correctly, your blog and website should be generating a ton of organic traffic. Once those searchers who are looking for information on a particular topic come to your blog article and read through the content, what happens next? Many times, nothing! The user gets the information they were looking for, gets to the end of the blog post, and then leaves. Why do they leave? Because there was no clearly defined action for them to take next.

What can you do to keep engaging these visitors and help push them further down the funnel? Simple: feature one of your relevant PCOs at the bottom of the blog as a CTA (call-to-action) for them to check out next! For example, here at New Breed, we recently published a blog post about email design best practices. Since I know that people reading that post are interested in email design and email marketing, I featured a CTA for our Email Marketing Best Practices Checklist, so that people who are looking for additional resources on the topic can get a handy checklist and we can keep them engaging on the site and with our content. Win-win for all.

Working with an Inbound Partner

So if you've been consistently blogging and following Inbound best practices but still aren't seeing the lead velocity you're hoping for, try featuring some of your PCOs on your blog as next action steps for visitors.

Obviously that may be easier said than done if you don't have any content offers written.

Luckily, working with a team of Inbound marketers and copywriters can help you dream, develop and implement a complete Inbound marketing strategy to start increasing your visitor-to-lead conversion rate and the overall number of qualified leads. Have questions about your Inbound strategy? Drop us a note in the comments section and let us know what you're wondering about! Or better yet, download the Ultimate Guide to Inbound Marketing.


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